Central Idea For 12th Class English Poetry Up Board

Central Idea

यहाँ आपको up Hindi Board की 12th class कि subject poetry के सभी lessons के central idea दीये गये है |

#Character Of Happy Life       Written by Sir Henry Wotton


According to Sir henry wotton,a man is happy if he is not under another's will.Such a man is independent,truthful and honest.He is not a slave to his passions.He is not afraid of death or public criticism.He is Free From worldly anxities and evils such as jealousy,hatred and anger.He follows the voice of his conscience and he is very careful of the flatterers and rumours.He pray to god daily for his blessings and not for worldly things.He passes his time in the company of a good book or a good friend.He reacts in the same way to his fears and achievements.He has self-control and is satiesfied with what he has.

#The True Beauty                Writtern by Thomas Carew

In this poem,the poet glorifies spiritual beauty and condemns physical beauty.He says that physical beauty is very short lived and feeling of love due to it dies with the fading of physical charms.True beauty lies ins smooth and firm mind,gental thoughts and calm desires.It never dies and goes on inspiring its admirer.It is everlasting.The poet,thus,praises the love based on qualities of mind and soul and rejects physical beauty devoid of virtues.

#On His Blindness             Written by Jhon Milton


In the sonnet,Jhon milton expresses his grief at the loss of his eyesight.He thinks that now he will not be able to use his poetric talents in the service of god.But,he soon realise that god does not need men's work or his gift,rather those,who surrender to the will of the god ,are also the best devotees of god.The misfortunes and suffrings of life are given to us by god to test our patience.We should,thus,have faith in god.

#From "An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard"         Written by Thomas Gray

in this poem the poet Thomas Gray pays his tributes to the simple,ignorent and unknown deceased people who are lying buried in their graves.He advises the living people not to be proud of their noble birth,wealth,power and beauty.They all will die one day or the other.The end of our life's journey is death which comes to all.

#A Lament                     Written by Pb Shelley


'A Lament' is one of the most pathetic poems of shelley.Every word of the poem is charged with an indescribable feeling of regret and disappointment.He addresses the past world,the past life and the past time.He imagines that he is standing on the last steps of life.He looks on his past life with a faint heart and feels that his future days are numbered in this world.He regrets that his youthful vigour and joys of life will not return to him anymore.Now his days and nights are dull and joyless.He is incapable of enjoying the beauties of nature.

#La Belle Dame Sans Merci      Written by Jhon Keats

In the poem jhon Keats says that a knight fell in love with a girl as beautiful as a fairy.The knight offered her a garland and a bracelet of beautiful flowers.The lady took him to her cave and offered him tasty food and honey.They expressed their love to each other.The Knight fell asleep.He dreamt many knights who had been victims of this treacherous lady.They warned him.Then he woke up and found himself lying all alone by the hill side.Thus we note here the frustrated and unsatisfied love of the poet.

#From The Passing of Arthur             Written by Alfred Lord Tennyson

The poet Tennyson tells us that time rolls on and with this the old social orders change and new ones take their place.Any good system,if it lingers in too long,loses its utility and brings in corruption.Then he tells us about the importance of prayer.Men are not better than animals if they do not pray to god.Prayer is the link between god and the world.When a prayer is made,god comes for devotees help.

#My Heaven                 Written by Rabindranath Tagore

In this poem the poet Rabindranath Tagore imagines of future india which would be no less than heaven.There the people's minds would be free from fear and narrow mindedness.They would have no distinction of caste,race or language.They would not be conservative.They would share knowledge freely and use their reason in thinking and bringing there thoughts into practice.They would follow the path of truth under the guidance of god.Thus his country will be heaven on earth.

#Stoppin by Woods On A Snowy Evening     Written by Robert Frost

In the poem the refers to the man who is on a long ride but wants to enjoy nature by giving a break to his journey in the middle.But he soon he hears his soul reminding him that he has to go on avery long way before sleeping.After that he can take rest and sleep.The poem is symbolical.The journey refers to the journey of life in which everybody has many responsibilities to perform before sleeping an eternal sleep.This is the reason why pt.Jawaharlal Neharu also liked this Stanza.

#The Songs of The Free             Written by Swami Viveka nanda

In The poem the poet says that the world is full of pain,misery triuble and difficulties.Sometimes our fate and nature also work against us.Our friends betray us.Yet we should remember that we have a divine soul which always prompts us to follow the right path.The ups and downs of life give us an opportunity to show our best powers.So we should have faith in god and in our power and should march on the right path to achieve the goal of life.

Final Word

I hope आपको मेरी इस post से आपको help मिली होगी | central idea को सीखने मे |

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