How to celebrate Diwali in a good and proper way?

How to celebrate Diwali in a good and proper way?

Do you know why and why Diwali celebrates, it is also the right way. If you want to know this then you must read this article carefully how to celebrate Diwali. It is the biggest and most attractive festival. Everyone celebrates this festival as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, there is no restriction of religion here. Diwali is a festival of light and happiness, so children, old people and all of them celebrate this festival together. Mother Lakshmi is worshiped on this day, so all the people clean their house and decorate it like a bride and in the house decorate the trees with lights in every place. Diwali is celebrated 20 days after Dussehra and this day is a symbol of good victory over evil. And so many crackers are also burnt in the lamps.


Different kinds of sweets are made in the house. All the people in the house pay new clothes and gift the gifts to their friends and relatives. The night of Diwali is the night of Amavasya, therefore, every night people burn the lamp of their home, so that the illumination of the light of the whole world and the darkness disappears. Diwali is an important festival which is celebrated with humility, but today, all people celebrate this day very wrongly and spread the dirt on every side, so that our environment becomes completely polluted. So today from this article we will know how to celebrate Deepawali in a good and proper manner - Diwali kaise manaye?

Why Diwali celebrates - Diwali Kyu Manate Hai in Hindi

It is not known, how far this truth is true, but it is said that when Lord Dasarath's son Prabhu Shriram killed the king Ravana and rescued Mata Sita from her truncheon and returned after 14 years after her marriage, then the successor of Ayodhya saw him Were very happy. They were burnt alive in the whole state of their happiness. That is why every year Kartik Amabasya is celebrated Deepabali and it is called festival festival of light.

How to celebrate Diwali properly?

You must have known why Diwali is celebrated. Let's know how to celebrate Diwali. You must be feeling that they all know how to celebrate Deepabali, but in the way they will tell you how to celebrate the right way. From which you can enjoy a pleasant and safe Deepawali.


1-To keep Diwali clean, clean your house, remove the mess of the house and throw garbage in the dustbin, not on the road or on the ground. After cleaning the house, we decorate our house, many people use it and many people use candles. But if Diwali is to illuminate your home then it is the right way to use Diya.

When making candles, harmful things are used, and the colorful candle which is a candle is more dangerous as it contains chemicals which, due to which, whenever candles are burnt, then the poisonous substance comes out of it which comes out of our Polluting the air which is harmful to all humans, animals, trees and the environment. Therefore, it is not wise to use candles in Diwali. If given, this land is made from soil, then its use does not have any harm to our environment.

2-In many homes, you must have seen that people also make Rangoli along with the burning of the Bhaasha dip in their home, which are very beautiful in appearance and can be detrimental to us even if they do not know. What color are the colors that we colorize in Rangoli? No, where do those colors come from? By purchasing from the market and the colors sold in the markets, they are not quite natural, but they are made using the color chemicals which are very dangerous for our skin. Qink We use our hands to color the colors We do.

So what to do in this? If we use flowers in Rangoli instead of flowers, like Gulab, Kamal, Menda Phul, it will look even more beautiful and at the same time we will not get any harm from it. Alternatively we can use naturals shades in addition to the colors of chemicals.

3-All the children of the house wait very earnestly for Diwali, because on that day they get a chance to burn a lot of crackers. Seeing the children's happiness, we all feel happy and we bring all the small fireworks of their choice from the market. They are children, where the difference between right or wrong is known to them, but we are big, it is our responsibility to take care of their health.

In firecrackers, various types of chemicals are made using gunpowder and these are all poured into small large firecrackers. After the burning of firecrackers, the smoke emerges from it, it spreads in our surroundings and whenever we breathe, all these things which are floating in the air, go straight into our body, and various kinds of diseases Produces. These smoke are not only bad for us but also for the plants and animals are equally dangerous. They also have to suffer the punishment of our mistake.

So do not say that I do not use firecrackers in Diwali, I just want to say that use small small firecrackers such as pomegranate, chakri, zirziri, all these firecrackers are polluted but the quantity of large firecrackers Which is less dangerous than small firecrackers. Keep children away from large firecrackers and also those big people who use these firecrackers should be careful with them because these firecrackers are more likely to hurt your body.

4-It may also be seen that after the burning of firecrackers, people leave the scum of the firecrackers on the road, the next day, if you look at the home of the house, then the four and the shit spread. The dirt does all together but no one comes forward to clean them. Who will clean these dirt? We have to clean, when we can not see the filth inside our house then why do not we see the outside of the house and leave it? Even if this earth is our mother then it is our duty to keep it clean.

These were some information related to safe diwali. Do not withdraw from your duties and make this Diwali very special and special from the previous Diwali. Take care of the things mentioned above and teach the people around you to follow Diwali properly.


I hope how do you celebrate Diwali? I have given full knowledge about and hope you have understood why and why people celebrate Diwali. If you have any doubts about this article in your mind or you want some improvement in it then you can write down comments for it. With your thoughts, we will get a chance to learn something and improve it. If you have enjoyed this posting of me and how to celebrate it in Hindi or if you have got to learn something, please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to show your happiness and curiosity.

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