When and why do We celebrate Holi Festival?

When and why do We celebrate Holi Festival?

When Holi is, it will be known to all; But do you know why Holi celebrates? When you hear the name of Holi, there is a sense of joy and joy in the mind. Holi is a festival of colors in which children and old people join together and celebrate this day with happiness and celebrate with happiness, hence this festival is also called the festival of all happiness. There is no other country in our entire world like India, where people together take advantage of all the festivals together without any discrimination. These festivals are the main and popular festival of the Hindus, but still, this festival celebrates the love of people of all religions together, due to which these festivals promote affection for each other and bring proximity.

A mythical and true story is hidden behind all the festivals that are celebrated in our country. In the same way there are many stories behind playing with colors in the holi. From this article today we will know what is Holi and why do you celebrate?

When is Holi and what is it?

Holi day is a very good day. These festivals occur every year during the spring, in the month of March of the month of Phagun, which is celebrated on the full moon day and this is the most joyful festival. This is the festival of spring and on its arrival the winter is over and the heat starts. Holi will be played everywhere across the country on March 13 this year. In some parts of India, the farmers celebrate this festival in the joy of growing a good crop.

Happy Holi

This festival of Holi begins on the last day of the festival of Holika in the evening of Phagun and all the people meet each other in the morning, embrace hugs and paint a dasharera and make Abir. During this, the entire nature and atmosphere is very beautiful and colorful. This festival is known as the victory of good on unity, love, happiness, happiness and evil.

Why celebrate Holi?

This festival of Holi has many mythological stories associated with it, the most popular of which is Prahlaad and his devotion. It is believed that in the ancient times, Hiranyakashyap used to be a powerful Ashir, which was blessed by Brahma Dev, that no human or animal can kill him, neither by any weapon or weapon, nor outside the house, Neither in the day nor in the night, neither in the earth nor in the sky, in the sky. He had become arrogant because of the infinite power of the Assyrian, and instead of God he considered himself to be God. Tortured with all the people of his kingdom and everyone was forbidden to worship Lord Vishnu and instructed him to worship because he wanted to take revenge for the death of his younger brother, whom Lord Vishnu had killed.

Hiranyakaship had a son named Prahlad. Despite being the son of an ashtray, he used to worship Lord Vishnu after listening to his father's voice. Everyone from the fear of Hiranyakashipu was compelled to believe in God except his son Prahlada. Hiranyakashyap did not approve of this fact. He made a lot of efforts that his son would abandon the devotion of Lord Vishnu, but he failed every time in his endeavor. In this rage, he decided to die for his own son.

In this disgusting move, he sought help from his bahain hoolika. Holika was also blessed by Lord Shiva in which she got a garment. No one can burn Holika till she remains cloth on Holika's body. Hiranyakaship created a conspiracy and ordered Holika to take Prahlad in his lap and sit in the fire. Holika can not burn in the fire because she has got a boon but her son will be trapped in the fire, so that everyone will receive this lesson if someone refuses to accept it, then the consequences of her will be similar to her son.

When Holika was sitting in the fire with Prahalad, she was chanting Lord Vishnu. It is the biggest duty of God to protect his devotees, so he also created a conspiracy and a storm that came from the Holika's body, and the bonfire that got boon from burning fire was consumed and he and other devotees Prahlaad was not touched by fire god. Since then, people of Hindu religion see this day as a victory of good on evil, and from that day the Holi festival was started and people used to play with colors to celebrate this day.

Just before Holi, Holika is a combustion in which a man, in the stack made of wood, grass and cow dung, also manages his own revolt and roams around it and burns it in the fire and promises to start a new day from next day.

History of Holi Festival

Holi festival is being celebrated for a very ancient time due to its cultural and traditional beliefs. This is mentioned in many sacred mythological books of India, such as Purana, Tenkumar Charit, Sanskrit drama, Ratnavali. On this ritual of Holi, people start making piles of wood and other flammable materials for the ritual of Holika Dahan in the areas of roads, parks, community centers, and temples nearby. Many people also clean up at home. It also creates different types of food like guzhea, sweet, granite, mamphua, chips etc.

Holi is a huge festival for Hindus all over India, which has existed for many centuries before Christ. If you talk about Holi before then this festival was celebrated by the married women for the good of their family by worshiping the full moon. According to ancient Indian mythology, there are many legends behind celebrating this festival.

Holi is a cultural, religious and traditional festival for Hindus. The Holy word is derived from the word "holika". Holi festival is celebrated especially by the people of India (Aryavritt), behind which there is a great reason. One big reason is that this festival is not only of colors but also of brother-in-law. Just as we use all the colors during the festival, we should stay with the spirit of brotherhood and we should follow all the festivals with each other.

Holi is such a festival that every province of the country celebrates with great fanfare. According to their culture in different provinces, it is celebrated according to the system. This festival inspires us to be with everyone in life.

How to celebrate Holi correctly

Earlier Holi's colors were made from natural things like flowers and they were called gulas. That color was very good for our skin because no chemicals were mixed in it. But in today's times shops sell chemicals made in the name of colors, which are harmful to all of us, for the children to eat. The colors made from these chemicals are available at low prices and natural colors should be used on the day of Holi, so the prices are slightly higher, so people buy a lower price color, knowingly knowing that the colors are dangerous for them. is.

Due to this poor color, many people have stopped playing Holi, which is a matter of great sadness because due to the color of chemicals, people have to suffer many physical diseases later. We should celebrate this old and proven festival in a good and proper manner. So today I will tell you what this time you have to do on Holi and not what to do.

What to do on holi day

1. Use organic and naturals colors on the Holi day. Such as Food dye

2. The clothes you wear on this day should cover your entire body so that when someone else puts you in a color made of chemicals, then your skin will be saved due to the clothes.

3. Apply any oil on your face, body and hair so that when you try to get rid of the shades of baths, they can easily get rid of it.

4. After playing with colors, if you have any physical problems, then immediately get treatment in your nearest hospital.

5. Asthma sufferers use face mask while playing color.

6. On the head you can use the cap so that the hair does not get damaged.

What to not do on Holi

1. Do not use chemicals made from chemicals or synthetic colors at all.

2. Do not put the colors in any person's eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

Celebrate Holi with your family and friends and stay away from strangers.

4. Try to stay away from the person suffering from eczema.

5. Do not force the colors on anyone else or put them on animals, as these colors are dangerous for us, similarly they are equally dangerous for animals.

6. Stay away from cheap Chinese colors because it is very harmful to the skin.

How to erase the colors from your body

The best way is to moisturize your entire body in advance by using oil so that no color will stick in our skin. With this we can easily wash it. You can also use oil for hair or you can cap on your head so that your hair is not harmful to the color. Use organic colors such as foof dye as much as possible, because chemicals can damage our skin. Use more dry color so that they can be easily planted.

I hope that you will like this article and also know that when Holi is and why do you celebrate? So friends do not mess with your health or health in Holi this time and use natural colors instead of chemical colors and enjoy lots of fun. From our side all of you in advance "Happy Holi"

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