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How to keep your boyfriend happy

How to keep your boyfriend happy

After you finish looking for a good boy for you, then it comes back, to keep him with you. Keeping your boyfriend always happy is the easiest and best way to keep him alive. It does not mean that you are fulfilling every small desire you desire, in which you are not able to be confluent. At its place, you do something to please him, so that he feels that you understand him, he cares about you and he is like you, you liked that. There is no harm in being happy in yourself, because your beloved boyfriend will also like to know how happy he is to you.


Showing Care About Yourself (Showing You Care) 

1-Appreciate Him: 

It does not matter what he says about it or how he responds, your boyfriend too (like everyone else) likes to hear good things about himself. Whatever we do and look like, we look forward to receiving approval from all the others, especially from those whom we really care about. It will be good for the ego of your boyfriend, for his pride and for his happiness.

He does not need to engage more than it needs. If you like the way to laugh at her, then tell her. If you like the method of making her hair or dealing with people unknowingly, then tell it also. If you can praise him for something that he really cares about, such as his basketball skills or grades of mathematics, then it would be even better.

2-Tell Him How Much You Like Him:

 It is not easy to keep relationships, and for this it is necessary to try both sides. Let him keep every good thing done for you and this relationship in your mind or prepare his note, and let him understand that you have given attention to him and you really Thank you for this. [2]

Does he also take you to a good date or another job to raise money for an apartment? Does he care for himself, so why do you come to pick up so that you stay away from raining in the rain? Does she behave well with your mother? So tell him in a special manner, "I liked it, that you did [some work] for me and for us."

3-Show Your Love: 

Even if your boyfriend is such a person, who has difficulty understanding the love shown in the open way, even though there are a lot of symbolic approaches to reaching your emotions. When it is to show love, then here you are, weigh more than what you said. [3]

Hold his hand, and do it without any reason. If he is not a type man, then let him keep touching his throat and, if possible, give a little kiss on his cheeks.

Most modern boys also like to be a protector, so putting your head on his shoulder or sitting in his lap is also a good way to give a sense of this, that you feel the most in his arms.

4-Give Him Full Attention From Your Side:

It is best to spend time together, but keep in mind that at that moment a little bit right, but do your best to keep your attention towards him. It means keep your phone in the side, look in his eyes and talk to him, listen to him or just make him feel that you are completely with him. [4]

Try to make your quality time together for the time being spent - something that you both enjoy and memorable for you. Life is very busy, and it will only become more busy, so do not forget to ignore the time. Take out someday on a sherry trip. Learn together surfing together. Sit down and sit together without any deviation. [5]

According To John Gottman,-a research researcher on the relationship, for a good relationship, there should be a ratio of five good and positive things over each one negative thing. The more you show interest, anxiety, affection and love for the front from your side, all of which start with the Attention, the more you begin to "quantify" the positive. [6]

Show Him How Well You Know Him(Showing You Know Him) 

1-Talk In The Same Language:

In the last 20 years, many researchers have researched Gary Chapman researcher over the relationship that everyone in the "five languages ​​of love" one or more languages Speaks. " After understanding the language of love of your boyfriend, you will be able to talk to him well and show him your love. [7]

These Chapman's five "languages ​​of love" include: the language of support; Quality time; Gifts; Do something; And physical contact According to the language of the people, it is better for people to find love matching the same category from others. As such, a person whose love language is "quality time" will be more likely to go on a long weekend, instead of the cards taken from his favorite gift card store.

Keep notes for different responses to your boyfriend, in different ways you show your love. Once you understand what language he speaks, then you can change the ways of showing your love accordingly. Instead, you will see how well he feels your love and he will also like it.

2-Be Honest With Him:

Any relationship, whether it is a boyfriend, a girlfriended relationship or a relationship, happiness can not be found in it until they get the feeling of trust. It is one of the best ways to show your trust by being honest, even if it is too difficult. [8]

Sometimes when you speak sincerely, heart can hurt by the truth, and it may also be a problem for him. But along with that problem, he will also realize that you trust him so much that you have honestly told him everything.

Even though in front of your boyfriend, accepting the deception you have with him can be a difficult time to become honest. Such things are not right to bring such a sudden surprise, but for them, you have to choose a time when both of you are calm, and can talk to each other without any problems. Choose your words carefully (if possible, practice it once, it will help you), but do not become too obscure, that your real thing can not be seen. Start by saying something like this line, that "I apologize, that I have to tell you this, but you have the right to know the truth," then speak the deception done by you without making any excuses. Expect apology and explain, but do not demand forgiveness; Say you have hope, that he could forgive you.

If you are just afraid to tell the truth to your boyfriend because of this fear, that after knowing the truth, he will leave you, or you are afraid that if he does not do anything upside down, then you will be able to understand the importance of your relationship. Need to ask questions. If that trust and honesty can not be expected, then your relationship will not last long, nor will both of you be happy.

3-Give Him His Space:

Of course, a good boyfriend, his maximum time just would like to spend with you. But he will also need some time for himself and his friends. Let it not reach the extent that it often starts to ignore you, also give it time for yourself. [9]

You also like to get some time for yourself, is not it? Always remember this, making sure is not the work of a human being. If you do not give him time to do his work, then how can you also expect to get it in return?

In each strong relationship some personal space is needed. Some are needed more than others. As if he has been with you at all times, when you needed him - when you needed him to go somewhere or need a shoulder to cry - you should be happy then you should be happy. Do not always stick with you, but rather do something like this, that she herself wants to come to you.

4-Do Not Expect It To Change:

 Your boyfriend is not perfect, and this is also a fact, even if it is so good person. There is no doubt that you want to make some changes according to your wishes, so that they become better. You can encourage people to change or help them to change, but you should never expect them to change. If you can not bear its real form and its realism, then you should not adopt it. [10]

It may be that your boyfriend is a bit lazy, or always lays down, or sometimes raises a lot of fun. You can talk to her about your thoughts and if she wants to be better organized, wants to be more dependable or wants to be more sensitive, you must definitely support her completely. But if you have the idea of ​​changing his entire personality, then perhaps you are not with the right person according to you.


Dealing With Men's Enduring Habits

1-Keep It Happy:

Many people like good food, watching sports is good and it is always good to think about sex at all times. But you are not trying to please "many people" - you just have to cheer your boyfriend. To show him that you are thinking of every small need, that is enough to make a house in any man's heart.

The advice given in this section may or may not be applicable to your boyfriend. Still, do your best to you and move on to better judgments on your behalf.

2-Maintain Your Appeal:

 Your boyfriend will love so much care and love that you get from your side, but in his mind he will sometimes feel that you too try to "make a little bit of it" for him. Very little, take care of your basic hygiene and show that you care about your look in front of the world, it will give happiness. [11]

Yes, it is a matter of your outer appearance, but even then your boyfriend will always be with you, because he is fascinated by your looks and will continue to be fascinated in the same way. For as long as you both will stay with each other, his love for you as a human will enhance you by outselling yourself. But the effort you made to become more fascinated by him can surely show you how much you care about him and you.

3-Make Something Good For Him And Let Him Her See The Sport:

Most of the boys like Sunder prefer it much in the afternoon. If your boyfriend likes food and football, then never do such a thing. Maybe he wants you to sit with him or see the game, or if he wants to sit with his friends. Using the knowledge that you have acquired, choose the one that is right for him.

Of course, maybe your boyfriend does not like watching sports and he is on a strict diet. As already mentioned, these advice are not advisable to be "applicable to everyone" However, but one of the greatest rules - to give your boyfriend all the things that make him happy, even if it is hard for you to do this - it remains the same for every kind of boy.

Some sacrifices and some agreements have to be done in all relations. Sometimes you should let things happen according to what you want. Of course, you too should expect such a way from him. [12]

4-Satisfy His Desires:

Yes, we are talking about your intimate relationship here. Most boys, at all times, just think about sex and keep too much of it. Even though after doing the best (but often after) your life, it is always hoping to get more is. Although you are always just because you want to fulfill his needs, there is no need to do anything that you are not comfortable to do. [13]

When there is a chance to be romantic in front of a lot of boys, it does not know how to tiredness, strokes or any kind of obstruction or discomfort. Your boyfriend can be in "this kind of mood" more than you. Try it the same way that both of you are happy.

Of course, both of you are together at the same time, no matter what, and it does not matter what you have done or did not do, but you will still have the right to say no. If he can not accept it, then start looking for yourself a new boyfriend.

Girlfriend Kyo Naraj Hai / Kin Bato Se Naraj Ho Sakati Hai?

Girlfriend Kin Bato Se Naraj Ho Sakati Hai?

Agar apki koi gf hai aur aap apni puri life usake sath bitana chahate hai to apko samajhana hoga ki apki gf ko kya achha lagata hai kya bura lagata hai.aur sabse important baat kabhi bhi kisi ko timepass ke liye mat chaho.agar aap timepass ke liye girlfriend banaaye ho to mujhe apse nafarat hai aur hamari ye tips bhi apke liye nahi hai aur na kabhi ye apka koi help karegi.Agar alTo agar aap apni girlfriend se true love karte hai to is padhate rahiye apko sara solution mil jaayega.

1#-Had Se Jayada Bolana

agar aap apni gf se baat karte hai to issaka matlab ye nahi ki aap keval bolate rahe aur usako baat karne kaa mauka mat de.agar aap esa kar rahe hai to isako sudhare aur aap apne girlfriend ko jayaada sune unaki baat ko suno usake baad aap kuch bole.kyoki ki girls ko jayaada bakbkane wale boys pasand nahi hota hai.Aap unaki bato ko sune vo kya kahati hai aur usaka reply kare.aur apne girlfriend se baat karte time aap usake ankho me ankhe ko dalkar baat kare isase apki gf ko bahut achha lagega aur vo aap par fida hoti jaayegi vo apke pyar me pagal hoti jayegi.koi girl apki gf ban gai hai to isaka matlab ye nahi ki aap usako kuch bhi bolenge to gussa nahi hogi.Gussa jarur hogi agar aap apne had se jyada usake bare me sochate hai to.Aapke liye sabse important hai bat karne ka style kayoki gf ko apne bato se hi apne pyar me pagal kar sakate ho.To apko es tarike se baat karni chahiye ki gf ko esa na lage ki aap usake sath timepass kar rahe ho.Aap usako keval feel karao ki aap usase kitana pyar karte ho,usake bina jee nahi sakate hai.agar aapne en bato ko follow nahi karenge to apka relationship khatare me pad sakata hai.

2-No Dought On Girlfriend

girlfriend par kabhi bhi sak mat karo.agar usako es bare me pata chal gaya ki aap uspar sak kar rahe ho to vo apse naraj ho sakati hai.Aap apne gf ko esa kabhi bhi feel na hone de ki aap unpar sak karte ho.
is dunia me kisi par bhi believe karna thik nahi kyoki hosakata hai apki girlfriend apke sath timepass kar rahi ho.isiliye aap isako confirm kare ki vo ladaki aapke sath timepass to nahi kar rahi hai.aur apko sak karana jayej hai kyoki is world me kisi par bhi beleive karna thoda muskil hai.
But ye bhi ho sakata hai vo apse bahut pyar karti ho beintha love karti ho.Agar usako pata chala ki aap usa par sak kar rahe hai to aap unpar apna beleive ko kho denge aur is tarah vo apse bahut naraj ho jaayegi.Aur jab gf baat nahi karegi naraj ho jaayegi to aap janate hi honge kitana muskil ho jata hai manana usako.

3-Don't Say Wrong About Her Family

girlfriend ke family ke bare me kabhi bhi wrong na think kare.Aur na apne gf se esa bole ki apke family ka ye membar mujhe pasand nahi hai.Agar aap esa karte hai to apko bahut badi problem hogi.Apke gf ko lagega aap usake family se love nahi karte hai.Aur kabhi bhi apni gf se na bole agar hmare aur apke family ke log raaji nahi honge to ham dono bhag kar marriege kar lenge.agar aap esa bolenge to ye apke gf ko thoda saa bhi pasand nahi sabhi ko apne family ke sath rahna achha lagata hai.Aur vo apke sath kabhi nahi bhagegi agar vo bahut achha think karti hai to apko chor jarur sakati eas bat par pura dhyan rakhe.Bhag kar marriege karna nich logo kaa work hota hai.Agar apne gf se true love kiya hai to usake family ke membar ke bare me kabhi bhi negative na soche aur na bole.isake bavjud aap unake family ke bare me jayaada janane ki kosis kare.aur unake family ke logo ke like unlike ke bare me soche.

4-Girlfriend Ki Tarif Karna

sabhi girls ko apna tarif sunana bahut hi achha lagata hai.Aur agar usaki beauty ki tarif ho to usako aur bhi achha lagata aap bhi apne gf ki tarif karna na bhule.unaki muskurahat,unaki ankhe,unake bal,unake beauty Ki tarif jarur kare.aur yad rahe unaki tarif had se jayaada na kare.apke gf ko esa nahi feel hona chahiye ki aap unaki jhuti tarif kar rahe hai.agar aap esa kar rahe hai to ye bahut jald hi apke gf ko pata chal jaayega.usake bad aapko pata hi hoga kya hoga.agar aap unse true love karte hai to esa na kare.unako yakin dilaye ki aap unse kitna pyar karte ho.unake bina ji nahi sakate ho.

5-Success Insaan Bane

Apni relationship ke sath sath apne success hone ke bare me sochiye.apni aim ke bare me sochiye.aur success hoiye.Har girl ko ese ladake pasand hote hai jo bahut jayaada smart ho aur apne education me bahut hi better ho.Apke gf ko kabhi esa feel na hone de ki aap succes ho sakate hai agr unako esa feel hua to apki relationship khatam jarur hogi.har girl chahati hai ki usaka boyfriend sabse best ho.Apne success ko paaye.aur achha earning kare.girl apne life ke bare me sochati hai ki agar mera boyfriend success nahi hua to mera kaise khyal rakhega.meri jarurato ko kaise pura karega.Agar apke gf ko esa feel ho gaya to samat aa jayegi friend.Unako beleive dilao ham jarur success honge.Aur bahut aage jayenge.Aap apni gf ke layak bane.

6-Ex Girlfriend

agar apki koi girlfriend thi aur usase breakup ho gya hai.aur aap new relationship me hai to aap apni gf ko 2 ya 3 month baad apne ex girlfriend ko bata de warna agar usako pata chal gya ki apki ex girlfriend bhi hai to apka relationship khatre me pad jayega.aur itana bhi jaldi na kare btana me Jab tak 3 ya 4 month nahi ho jata.pahale apne gf ke believe ko jitiye taaki vo aap par kabhi bhi sak na kare.Usake baad jab lage apko ki ab achha time hai usako apni ex ke bare me btane ki to aap usase apni ex girlfriend ki baat ko share kar de.but yad rahe ye bat kabhi bhi phone ya chat se na bataye.nahi to bahut badi problem me pad jaoge.aap unse milkar hi apni ex ki bato ko share kare.aur apni ex ki bato ko share karte time usaka tarif na kare.aur na jyada apne ex ki burai.bas aap kah sakate ho usako meri ye relationship pasand nahi thi isiliye usane mujse breakup kar liya.

7-Respect Your Girlfriend

sabhi girls chahti hai ki unaka bf unpar beleive kare unaki sabhi bato ko mane.aap esa hi kijiye aur apni gf ko respect de kabhi bhi bhulkar bhi unako gali na de.unake bare me ulta sidha na kahe.nahi to agr apke girlfriend ko esa feel hua ki apki najar me usaki koi respect nahi hai to vo apse bahut jald hi breakup kar legi.
to friends in sab bato ko dhyan me rakhiye aur samajhiye.Apne gf ko naraj hone ki mauka na de,aur usko gussa na dilaye.
agar aap unase true love karte hai to aap unako hmesa kush rakhe.Friends mujhe yakeen hai ki apko ye bate achhi lagi hogi.aur in bato ko khyal me rakhkar apne gf ke sath achha behave karenge.

8-Make Believe 

aap apne girlfriend ki har bat mane usako kisi bhi prakar hurt na kare.aur usake ijajat ke bina usako touch bhi na kare.nahi to usako lagega ki aap usake body se love karte ho.usase nahi aur all girls know that esi soch ek ghatiya boy hi rakh sakta hai.aur usako kiss bhi na kare usake ijajat ke bina.unake believe ko bnaye rakhe.ek relationship ko bnaye rakhane ke liye sabse important hota hai.believe ko bnaye rakhna.
To aaiye friends ab apne main topic par aate hai.

9-Never Tell a Lie

kabhi bhi chahe kuch bhi ho aap apne girlfriend se kabhi bhi zut na bole.agar apke gf ko pata chal gaya ki aap unase zut bol rahe the to aap par unka believe khatm ho jayega aur apka relationship breakup tak phunch jayega.

10-Girlfriend Ke Sath Time Spend Kare

Bahut bar esa hota hai ki aapapne gf ke sath jyada chat nahi karte ho aur time bhi spend nahi karte to ye bhi apke gf ko achcha nahi lgta hai vo sochati hai ki sayad vo mujhse pyar nahi karta isiliye vo mere se thic se bat bhi nahikarta in bato ko dhyan rakhe.


To friends aap in bato ko khyal kare.aur apne girlfriend ka sath de.ab mai bhi chlata hun bye.

Girlfriend Se First Date Par Kaise Mile,Kya Kare?

Girlfriend Se Date Par Kaise Mile,Kya Pahane

hello friend
kaise ho aap log?Mai apka friend arif ansari apke liye fir kuch achcha sa topic lekar aya hun.vaise apko post ka title se pata to lag hi gaya hoga ki is post me mai kya share karne wala hun.Vaise app logo ke man me laddu fut rahe honge apne girlfriend se date par milane ke liye aur bahut sare question bhi mind me uath rahe honge ki unke liye kuch gift bhi le ya nahi,kaise clothes pahne,kaise hairstyle kare ese hi bahjt sare question apke mind me aa rahe honge aur sath hi sath apko thodi ghabrahat bhi ho rahi hogi ki mere date par koi problem na ho sab kuch achcha ho unse achche se bat kar saku unko kush rakh friends jyada tenson lene ki jarurat nahi hai kuki mai apke liye bahut hi achchi bate yhan share karne ja raha hun jinke help se aap apne date ko better bna sakate hai to aaiye hm kuch bato ko jan lete hai jo apki help karengi

Girlfriend Se Date Par Kyo Mile?

Agar apke mind me ye lag raha hai ki phir kabhi unse date par mil lenge abhi ka date canceal kar dete hai to aap bilkul bekar soch rahe hai. Yesa mauka kabhi nahi chodna chahiye ye apke aur apke lover ke liye better hoga aap ek dusare se achche se bate kar sakenge ek dusare ko samajh sakenge aur thodi bahut romance bhi karenge to agar aap date jane ka decide kiya hai to aap apne gf se jarur mile.

First Date Ko Best And Romantic Kaise Banaye?

to dosto aaiye janate hai ki apko kaise kya karna hai apne date ko romantic bnane ke liye to chaliye start karte hai.

#Bathe Karke Jao

aap jb date par jane wale ho to isaki laprwahi bilkul na kare aur puri tarah se fresh hokar jaye nahi to agar apke body se smell aayegi to apka impression apke gf ke liye better nahi hoga isiliye bhai naha kar jarur jana😂😂😂😂😂
Kuch log to nahate hi nahi hai but ye bilkul achcha nahi hota.

#Kya Dresses Pahane

Phale to apko ye sochana padega ki aap unko kaise pasand ho.aap apne gf se ye bat puch sakate ho ki aap kaise dress pahano ye puchna unko bahut achcha lagega.Vaise aap formal shirt pant bhi use kar sakate ho.Coat aur suit ye sab aur roughed jeans na pahne ye sab achcha nahi lagata.App t-shirt aur jeans bhi use kar sakate ho.aur agar aap apne dress ko select karne me apni gf ka help lenge to jyada better hoga.apki kapdo ki look better honi chahiye kyoki sabko pata hai first impression is the last impression.To in bato ka dhyan rakhe.


#Perfume Use Kare Ya Na

sabko pata hai girls aur boys dono ko perfume bahut pasand hai isako sb koi use karta hai.aap perfume jarur use kare.but apne gf se puch le kya unako perfume se koi problem to nahi hogi na kyoki bahut se girls ko ye like nahi hota aur agar esa hua aur aap perfum mar ke chle gaye to vo better feel nahi karengi aur apka date bekar ho jayega aur apni gf se jarur puch le bro😜😜😜

#Gift Kaisa Le Jaye?

Agar aap gift le jane ki bat soch rahe hai to bilkul sahi soch rahe hai.apko gift lene se apka unke liye respect aur bhi badhega. But agar aap ye soch rahe hai ki kya gift kare to mai hun na yar aap logo ki help karne ke liye. Aap unake like unlike ke bare me to jante hi honge isiliye jyada sochane ki jarurat nahi hai aap in bato ke according gift le sakate hai.agar phir bhi apko kuch samajh me nahi aa rha to mai apko bata deta hun girls ko kaise gift pasand hai aap unake liye bracelet,watch,flowers ya neckless or earing,ring etc me se koi bhi le ja sakate hai unako bahut hi pasand aayega.

#Unase Milane Ke Bad Kya Kare?

to friends jhan apko apne gf se milna whan agar aap pahunch gaye ho to unase milte time apne face par ek choti si smile rakhe aur hiii jarur bole aur unaki dress ko dekhkar nice dress jarur bole Aur unase duri bna ke na rakhe aur jyada najdiki bhi nahi ye nahi ki unke permission k bina unko hug kar liya agar pahle ye sab nahi kiya to is time bhi na kare nahi to problem ho sakati hai.aap unake sath apne seat par jakar baithe Aur aap dono ek dusare ke aamne samne chair table k kinare lagaye taaki aap unaki ankho me dekhkar bat kar sake.

#Date Par Apni Gf Se Bat Kaise Kare?

aap unase bat karte time unake study aur unake proffesion ke bare me thodi bate karke ye topic turant band kar de kyoki yar aap unse apni romantic bate karne ke liye gaye ho apni profession aur work ki nahi.aap unase bat karte time unake ankho me dheke aur muskurate rahe aur eye contact bnaye rakhe.jab vo bol rahi ho to aap bich me unka bat na kate ye achcha nahi hota hai.unaki puri bat khatm hone par hi aap bole mera mtlb ye nahi last me aap bole mere mtlb jb vo bat kar rahi ho to interupt na kare.unaki bate sunate time apne face par ek choti si smile rakhe aur unakhi taraf najare rakhe isase apke gf ko lagega ki aapko unme interest hai.aap bilkul bhi eedhar  udhar na dekhe ye sab apke gf ko bekar lagega.aap khud hi soch sakate ho ki agar aap kisi se bat kar rahe ho aur vo dusari taraf dekh rha hai to apko kaisa lagega isiliye aap ye galati na kare.
bat karte time in bato ka dhyan jarur de.

Boyfriend with girlfriend

  • unako kahi bore to nahi ho raha.
  • Unse eye contact bnaye rakhe.
  • Apne face par smile rakhe.
  • char bate aap bole to char bate unaki suni is tarah se combination achcha bna rhsta hai ye nahi ki aap bolana suru kiye to bolte hi rah gaye esa bilkul na kare.Aur aap aram se bat kare teji se nahi.

#Mobile Ko Vibration Par Rakhe

aap apne mobile phone ko vibration par rakhe nahi to agar call aayega to aap dono hi disturb honge. Socho agar aap dono ekdam hi romance ke mood me honge aur us time call ring karne laga to sara romance bekar ho jayega isiliye mobile phone vibration par rakhe.

#Tareef Kare

aap apni gf ki jitani ho sake utani tareef kare kyoki girls ka apna tareef sunana achxha lgata hai aur vo bhi tab jab aap unke beauty ka tareef kar rahe ho to isiliye unaki tareef kare jhuti tareef nahi aur over acting na kare ye unko achcha nahi lagega.

#Date Par Kya Khaye

to agar aap ek better hotel me gaye ho to apko food ke list milenge hi aap un par se select kar lo apko kya lena hai.but unki pasand ke aap unse puch lo unako kya pasand hai unako kya chahiye apki gf jo bataye aap bhi vahi le.
is tarah achcha lgta hai.aap is bat par bhi dhyan rakhe ki girls thodi sermili hoti hai khane ke time kisi ke samne khana thoda ajeeb lg sakata hai. Isiliye aap unse bate karte rahe aur unko hasate rahe aap joke bhi kare unko achcha lagega.aur aap ye game bhi khel sakate hai eye contact karne ka ki kaun jyada time tak bina plk jhpkaye ankho me dekh sakata hai ye unko achcha lagega.

#Apko Yhan Kaisa Feel Ho Raha Hai?

aap unse ye jarur puche vo comfortable hai vhan ki nahi unako koi problem to nahi ho rahi na.

#Gift Kab De?

aap soch rahe honge ki unako gift kab de to is bat ko yad rakhe sur me gift na de aur gift ko unse chhipa ke rakhe unako pta nahi chalana chahiye ki aap unake liye gift bhi laye ho.aap unko gift last me de jab aap unko is time gift denge to unako bahut kushi hogi.unko bahut better feel hoga.

aur aap unke najar me ekdam hero bn jaoge.

#Bill Pay Kare

bill aap hi pay kare apni gf ka paisa na use kare . Agar aap bill pay karoge to unako bahut kushi hogi aapki respect unke liye aur hogi.aur vaise bro gf se milne ja rahe ho to pocket me paise to hone hi chahiye na.

#Drop Kare

jab aap dono ko lage ki ab aap dono ko chlana chahiye to aap unako Drop jarur kare.aur agar aap dono chuo chup ke mile ho to koi bat nahi unko sath phir bhi kuch dur tak to chal hi sakate ho na.aur jate time bye jarur bole aur ye bhi aaj apke sath kuch time spend kiya mujhe bahut better feel hua thank you mere sath date par aane ke liye.
usake bad friend aap apne ghar masti se ja sakate hai.
are yar aap hme to bhul hi gaye.lagata hai aaj hi aap pura imagine kar liye ho ki apko apne date par kya kya karna hai isiliye aap muje bhul gaye ho to friends ab
 mujhe bhi jana hai to aaj ke is topic me bas itna hi.
God se pray karta hun apki date best aur romantic ho agar apke erade achche hai to sab achcha hoga bas aap apni date ki taiyari kare.
meri ye post apko kaisi lagi hme comment me jarur bataye.aur agar apko koi problem hai love se related to hmse comment me puch sakate hai aur agar aap in bato ko secret rkhana chahate hai to aap mere whatsapp par aa sakate hai apko mera whatsapp number comment box ke upar se mil jayega.
aapne mere site par apna kimati time spend kiya iske liye apko bahut bahut dhanybad.

Romantic Love Shayari

Romantic Love Shayari

#1-Zarurat Hai Mujhe Tere Pyar Ki 

Chahat Hai Mujhe Tere Ikrar Ki
Jante Hain Hum apko Is Kadar
Gunjaish Hi Nhi Kisi Takrar Ki.............!!

#2-Aik Din Jab Meri Sans Band Ho Jayegi

Mat Sochna Ki Chahat Kam Ho Jayegi
Fark Sirf Itna Hoga
Aaj Hum Tuko Yaad Karte Hain
Kal Meri Yaad Tuko Rulaygi…....!!


#3-Bin Uske Zindagi Mein Koi Khushi Nahi,

Woh Naraz Hai Mujhse To Labon Pe Mere Hansi Nhi,
Na Samjhe Woh Agar To Hum Kya Karein,
Iss Dil Mein Uske Siwa Kisi Aur Ki Jagah Bhi To Nhi…....!!

#4-Kitna Chahta Hoon Tujhe Ye Mujhko Pata Nahi

Mgr Tumhare Siwa Koi Or Dil Mein Basa Nahi,
Zamana Dushman Ho Giya Chahat Ki Humari,
Juda Ho Gye Phir Se Hum Ye Meri Khata Nahi…...!!

#5-Zindagi Kitni Khubsurat Hoti

Agr Teri Chahat Adhori Naa Hoti
Kuch Uljhane Khuch Majburiyan Hoti Beshak
Mgr Pyar Mein Itni Dooriyan Na Hoti..!!!!

#6-Jitna Chahte Hain Apko

Kash Chahti Utna Apko Mujh Ko
Agar Tum Mil Jati Mujh Ko
To Duniya Ki Har Khushi Mil Jati ApKo..!!!

smile girl

#7-Tanhai Mein Hum Teri Takte Hain Raahein,

Tumhe Dekhne Ko Tarsati Hain Nigahein,
Bekhudi Ka Yeh Aalam Hai Kaisa,
Tumhe Yaad Karke Nikalti Hain Aahein…!!

#8-Aap Se Milne Ki Chahat Hamesha Rahegi

Apko Bhoolkar Yeh Zindagi Na Rahegi
Apse Humari Dosti Tub Tak Rahegi
Jab Tak Ye Dunya Salamut Rahegi…!!

#9-Sabhi Karte Hain Pyar Jeevan Mein,

Jo Humne Bhi Kiya To Kya Hua,
Sabhi Karte Hain Haasil Khusiyan Magar,
Jo Humne Gham Liya To Kya Hua….!!

#10-Tanhai Se Dar Nahi Lagta Mujhe,

Mahfil Se Ghabra Jata Hun Main,
Koshish Karta Hun Yaadein Dafnane Ki,
Magar Tujhko Bhool Nahi Pata Hun Main…!!

#11-Hm hin Jaante Hain Ke Kaise Khuda Se,

Tujhe Manga Hai Humne Eh Yaar Mere,
Teri Judai Ab Main Sahunga Nahi,
Sada Kareeb Rahna Dilbar Mere…!!

#12-Na Dil Hota Na Lagate Yaaro,

Yeh Jeevan Hans Kar Bitate Yaaro,
Hsne Par Aa Jaate Hain Aansu,
Hamein Aise Toh Na Tadpaate Yaaro…!!

#13-Bhale Bhool Jana Aap Hamein,

Hum Aapko Bhool Na Paayenge,
Aapka Hi Saath Chahenge Sada,
Hum Jhan Bhi Jayenge…!!

#14-Unki Adhik Sohbat Ne Hi,

Unse Badi Mohabbat Karva Di,
Unki Adhik Mohabbat Ne Hi,
Unse Kadi Nafrat Karva Di,
Kaise ye Vakt Gujre The Tanhai Mein,
Bepanah Tadap Tadap Kar,
Unki Adhik Nafrat Ne Hi,
Unse Fir Mohabbat Karva Di…

#15-Anjaan Shahar Ke Anjaan Raste,

Meri Tanhaayi Par Muskurate Rahe,
Mein Bahut Der Tak Yunhi Chalti Rahi,
Tum Bahut Der Tak Yaad Aate Rahe….!!

#16-Kisi Ko Isq Ki Achhayi  Ne Maar Dala,

Kisi Ko Isq Ki Gahrai  Ne Maar Dala,
Karke Isq Koi Na Bacha,
Jo Bach Gaya Use Tanhayi  Ne Maar Dala…!!

#17-Akela Mehsoos Karo Jab Tanhai Mein

Yaad Meri Aaye Jab Judai Mein
Main Tumhare Pass Hun Har Pal
Jab Chahe Dekh Lena Apni Parchhayi Mein…!!

#18-Wo aksar tanha chhod jate hain

Bas mera dard mere sath rah jata hai
Main hanskar gale lag jata hun
Jab dard akela rah jata hai…!!

#19-Tanha rahne ko majbur ho gaya hoon main,

Tujhe yaad karke zamaane Se kho gaya hoon main,
Yun na jgaa mujhe gehri neendon se zalim,
Odh ke kafan kabar mein so gaya hoon main…!!

#20-Ek pal ehsas ban ke aate ho

Or dusre pal khwab ban k udd jaate ho
Yeh maloom hai ki tanhai se dar lagta hai hame
Phir bhi bar bar tanha chhod jaate ho…!!

#21-Tum Kya Jaano Kya Hoti Hai Tanhai,

Tute Hue Patte Se Puchho Kya Hoti Hai Judai,
Yu Bewafai Ka Iljam Na Do Mere Dost,
Is Waqt Se Puchho Kab Yaad Teri, Mujhe Nahi Aai…!!

#22-Phir Aaj Wahi Saam Hai Saath Mein Hai Meri Tanhai

Zindagi Kuch Thami Huyi Si Lagti Hai Kaisi Hai Yeh Khudaai
Koshish Karta Hun Kisi Tarah Byaan Kar Sakun Apne Jazbaton Ko
Sayad Isiliye Ban Jaati Hai Aksar Anjaane Mein Koi Rubai…!!

#23-Waqt Guzrega Toh Hum Sambhal Jayenge

Maut Se Pehla Samajh Jayenge
Ki Bewafai Unki Fitrat Hai, Na Ki Majburi
Tanhai Mein Hi Sahi, Hum Phir Se Bus Jayenge…!!

#24-Bahut Kuch Hai Dil Ki Gehrai Mein

Tadaph Jata Hai Dil Raat Ki Tanhai Mein
Yun Ton Kehne Ko Dost Bahut Hain
Par Fark Hota Hai Saya Aur Parchhai Mein…!!

#25-Kisi Ne Hume Rulaya To Kya Bura Kiya

Dil Ko Dukhaya To Kya Bura Kiya
Hum To Pehle Se Hi Tanha The
Kisi Ne Ehsas Dilaya To Kya Bura Kiya…!!

#26-In Behte Hue Aansuon Se Aqidat Hai Mujhe Bhi

Unki Tarha Hi Khud Se Shikayat Hai Mujhe Bhi
Wo Agar Nazuk Hain To Main Bhi Pathar Nahi
Tanhai Me Rone Ki Aadat Hai Mujhe Bhi…!!

#27-Hum Apni Hasti Mitakar Bhi Tanha Hain

Sab Kuch Luta Kar Bhi Tanha Hain
Log Door Tak Jate Hain Kisi Ke Liye
Aur Hum Uske Paas Rehkar Bhi Tanha Hain…

#28-Pal Pal Tanhai Me Tadapta Raha

Teri Yaadon Ke Tufano Se Ladta Raha
Koi Puchta To Kehta Theek Hu Main
Kaun Jaane Kaise Mar-Mar Kar Jeeta Raha...!!

#29-Jo Na Hoti Mohabbat Ye Aansu Na Hote

Dil Bhi Na Khota Aaj Tanha Na Hote
Deewano Si Apni Ye Halat Na Hoti
Agar Jahan Mein Apna Koi Aur Bhi Hota…!!

#30-Wohi Raat Ki Khamoshi Aur Tanhai

Yeh Hawa Kisi Ki Yaad Le Aayi
Hum To Baith Kar Uss Chand Ko Dekh Rahe The
Phir Na Jane Kyon Yeh Aankh Bhar Aayi…!!

#31-Umar Bhar Tanhai Ka Hissa Rahe

Ye Na Pooch Ke Hum Kaise Zinda Rahe
Us Se Keh Do Ki Ab Kisi Se Bhi Ja Kar Mile
Wo Humare Nahi, Hum Uske Na Rahe....!!

#32-Aye Khuda Humko Judai Na De

Hum Jee Lenge Tanha, Magar Unko Tanhai Na De
Humari Nigaho Mein Basi Hai Unki Surat
Unko Bhale Hi Hum Dikhai Na De...!!!

#33-Na Meri Koi Manzil Hai

Na Koi Kinara
Tanhai Meri Mehfil Aur Yaadein Mera Sahara
Apno Se Bichad Ke Humne, Kuch Yu Waqt Gujara
Kabhi Zindagi Ko Tarshe, Kabhi Maut Ko Pukara....!!

#34-Koi Pakar To Koi Khokar Juda Hota Hai,

Koi Hanskar To Koi Rokar Juda Hota Hai,
Magar Juda Hone Ka Dard Tab Hota Hai,
Jab Koi Kisi Ka Hokar Juda Hota Hai…!!

#35-Gham Hi Mile Itne Jeevan Mein,

Ki Khusiyon Ko Bulana Bhool Gaye,
Huva Teri Judai Mein Aisa Aalam,
Ki Hum Apna Hi Thikana Bhool Gaye….!!

#36-Jo Gujaare Hain Pal Humne Saath Unke,

Hum Un Palon Ko Hi Dil Mein Utar Lenge,
Bas Aap Khus Raho Yeh Dua Hai Sagar Ki,
Hamara Kya Hai Hum Zindagi Yun Hi Gujar Lenge…!!

#37-Apno Ne Hamein Yeh Shikhaya Hai,

Ki Bewafayi Kya Hoti Hai,
Door Unse Huye Toh Jana,
Ki Judai Kya Hoti Hai…!!

#38-Akela Mehsoos Karo Jab Tanhai Mein

Yaad Meri Aaye Jab Judai Mein
Main Tumhare Pass Hun Har Pal
Jab Chahe Dekh Lena Apni Parchhayi Mein…!!

#39-Jab Se Is Dil Ko Lagaya Hai,

So Bhi Toh Hum Nahi Paate Hain,
Hansana Toh Kab Ka Bhool Chuke Hain,
Aansu Bhi Toh Ab Nahi Aate Hain…!!

#40-Woh Sochti Hai Ki Pyar Mein,

Shirf Wohi Udas Hai Yaaro,
Kaise Batayen Use Ki,
Hum Kayi Raaton Se Theek Se Soye Nahin,
Or Kitni Baar Humne,
Unki Yaad Mein Aansu Bahaye Hain,

Kya Karein Kambakhat,
Aansu Rahte Nahin Gir Ke Sukh Jaate Hain,

Varna Hum Unhe Apne Aansu,
Dikha Ke Apni Mohabbat Ke Bade Sabut Dete…!!

#41-Kya Karogi Tum Khat Likhkar,

Aanchal Hawa Mein Uda Dena,

Apne Ghesu Ki Udhti Khusbu Se,
Tum Dil Ka Paigam Bhijwa Dena,

Is Kaadr Gir Gaye,
Humko Bhi Gira Diya Jamane Ne,

Kyu Likhte Ho Asko Se Khat,
Ab Kya Rakha Hai Aansu Bahane Mein…!!

#42-Jakham Kuchh Aise The Dil Par,

Jo Sareaam Sabko Dikhaye Na Gaye,

Hamari Ki Gayi Wafa Ke Badle,
Us Bewafa Se Kabhi Chukaye Na Gaye,

Dekh Kar Tanha,
Mujhse Pucha Bahaaron Ne,

Kaha Gaya Tera Woh Hamsafar,
Tujhe To Bada Naaz Tha Uspar,

Yeh Dekh Kar Main Chup Rahaa,

Par Mere Aansuon Ne Jawab Diya,
Milna Kismat, Bichhadna Naseeb Tha,

Woh Mujhse Itna Door Ho Gaya,
Jitna Woh Mere Kareeb Tha…!!

#43-Pani Na Ho To Nadiyan Kis Kam Ki

Aansu Na Ho To Aankhen Kis Kam Ki
Dil Na Ho To Dhadkan Kis Kam Ki
Agar Main Apko Yaad Na Karun To
Hamari Yeh Dosti Kis Kam Ki…!!

#44-Wo Saagar Nahi Aansu The Mere,

Jis Par Wo Kashti Chalaate Rahe,
Manzil Mile Unhe Yeh Aarzu Thi Meri,
Is Liye Hum Aansu Bahaate Rahe…!!

#45-Saath Deta Jo Samay Aap Hamare Hote,

Hum Bhi Doosro Ki Tarah Aapke Pyare Hote,
Ye  Mere Aansu Jinhe Ponchhne Vala Bhi Nahi Koi,
Aanchal Inhe Milta To Sitare Hote …!!

#46-Bhar aayi meri aankhein jab uska naam aaya,

Ishq naakam sahi fir bhi bahut kaam aaya,
Humne mohabbat mein aisi bhi guzaari raate,
Jab tak aansu na bahe dil ko na aaraam aaya…!!!

#47-Aankho Ki Thi Khata, Saza Dil Ne Payi Hai,

Pyar Mein Hume Mili Yaar Se Sirf Ruswayi Hai,
Tanhaiyo Ka Hai Daur Aur Dard Se Aankh Bhar Aayi Hai,
Lamho Ki Thi Khata, Sadiyo Ki Saza Payi Hai…!!

#48-Jisne Humko Chaha, Use Hum Chah Na Sake,

Jisko Chaha Usae Hum Pa Na Sake,
Yeh Samajh Lo Dil Tutne Ka Khel Hai,
Kisi Ka Toda Aur Apna Bacha Na Sake...!!

Apko  ye sayari kaise lagi hme comment me bata skte hai.apne Alam Miami time neet site prep spent kiya isle liye apko Bhutto Bhutto dhanyabad.

Love Aur Attraction Me Diffrence Kya Hota Hai?

Love Aur Attraction Me Diffrence Kya Hota Hai?

hi friends aaj me phir kuch achchi tips aap logo ke liye lekar aaya hun. Is post me apko kuch esi bate share karne ja raha hun jo aap logo ko bahut hi achcha lagega jankar.
is pure world me bahut se log affair me hai aur iname jayda se jyada students hi hai maximum logo ka breakup ho jata hai aur breakup maximum students ke sath hi hota hai. Esa ku hota hai aaj is post ko apko padh kar paa chal jayega.
logo ko pta nahi hota jise vo pyar smajh rahe hai kya vo sach me pyar hai ya nahi.
unako bas ek illusion hai ki ye unaka pyar hai but unka attraction hota hai isiliye ye affairs bahut jald hi khatm bhi ho jata hai.
aaj mai is poat me isi ke bare me kuch bate share kar rha hun jise aap padhkar pyar aur attraction ko samajh sakenge.

Attraction Kya Hota Hai?

attraction me pyar nahi hota isame logo ko ek duare ke beauty se attraction hote hai aur log ise pyar samajhate hai but really me ye pyar nahi hota.
agar vo ek dusare se bahut attract hai agrr ek ka iname chehara jal gaya to samane wala breakup kar leta hai kuki ye attraction hota hai pya nahi hota.
aur is time students ka hi jyada breakup hota hai kuki ye attraction hota hai. Aur is attraction ki sabse badi problem hai ye age -20years ke bacche hi attraction me pad jate hai aur ise pyar smajhate hai. aap in sab bato ko to hi pyar samajhate hai na.

  • kisi ko miss krna pyar hai.
  • kisi ki fikr krna pyar hai.
  • ya bar bar express karna ki ham tumse bahut pyar karte hai ye pyar hai.
  • ya phir Kisi ko kush dekhkr kus hona ye pyar hai.
  • ya kisi ke yado me khoye rhna ye pyar hai.
  • chahe vo kitni bhi nfrt kare but usk bare me hmesa achcha sochana ye pyar hai.
  • ya kisi ko hmesa sochte rhana ye pyar hai.
  • ya kisi ke liye jan dena pyar h.
  • ya kisi se bat karke achcha lgta hai ye pyar hai.
  • kisi ko kiss krne ka man karna.
  • kisi ko hug karne ka man karna.
  • attraction body ke liye hota hai but pyar body ke liye beauty ke liye nahi hota ye ahut hi alag hai.
  • kisi ko ek second bhi apne se dur mat hone dena ye bhi attraction me hota hai.aur ise pyar me bhi feel kiya jata hai.
  • kisi ladaki ya ladake ke sath time spend karna bahut hi achcha lgata hai but ek better garden me jana wahan bhi bahut achcha lgata hai to kya ye pyar hai.
  • Kisi ke sath rhana achcha lgata hai kya ye pyar hai.
  • Kisi Ko smajhana pyar hai.जब भी लड़ाई-झगड़ा या Argument hota hai to ham samane vale ko apni bat smajha rahe hote hai kya usase apni bat manvate hai to क्या किसी को समझाना प्यार है या किसी को समझना प्यार है। (Think)
aap in sab bato ko to pyar aur attraction dono me feel kiya jata hai matlab ye dono me hota hai to aap in sab feelings ko pyar to nahi sakate na kuki ye attraction bhi ho skata hai.

True Love Kya Hota Hai?

pyar ek ma aur bete ke pyar ki tarah hota ma aur bete ke pyar me kabhi breakup nahi hota beta chahe kitana hi bura ku na ho but ma apne bete ke bare me kabhi bhi kuch bhi galat nahi sochati ye pyar hota hai. Ye ek true love hota hai jise kiya nahi jata ye natural love hai.
ese hi pyar ek couple boyfriend girlfriend ke bich hota hai jo real hota hai aur ese pyar me koi breakup nahi hota. Aur jinaka breakup hota hai unka pyar nahi hota kuki jab tak ve couple ek dusare se attract rahate hai unka affair chalata hai aur jab attraction khatm ho jati hai to breakup ho jata hai.
attraction me log keval romance ke bare me hi sochate hai.aur kuch nahi. Ek dusare ko kiss karna chahte hai to hug karna chahte hai. But pyar me esa nahi hota hai but ek age ke bad.
pyar me koi expect nahi hota hai. Vo ek dusare ke liye kuch bhi karne ke liye taiyar hote hai.
pyar me ek dusare par believe hota hai but attraction me dono ke man me hmesa dought rahata hai.
Attraction always pain. Permanent love but in True love always love Permanent pain.
pyar o feel kiya jata
  • TRUE LOVE-जो चीज आकर आपके दिल से जुड़ गई। उसे प्यार कहते हैं, उसे कनेक्शन कहते हैं, उसे सम्बन्ध कहते हैं। मै Physical Heart की बात नहीं कर रहा हूँ। मै दिल की बात कर रहा हूँ जहाँ से आपके सारे Dream, आपके सभी Desire, आपके Like-Dislike, आपकी Feeling, आपके Emotion की शुरुआत होती है। और वो Word है I (मै), ये I ही हम सबका Center Point है, ये नहीं तो कुछ भी नहीं। और जो कोई भी आपके इस I की Definition में आ गया उससे आपका Relationship बन गया। एक जगह है जहाँ प्यार करना पड़ता है और एक जगह है जहाँ प्यार होता है। माँ और बेटे में भाई और बहन में प्यार होता, प्यार करना नहीं पड़ता.... जहाँ पर भी हम कुछ करते है वहाँ Fail होने की, गिरने की सम्भावना होती है और इसलिए Breakup होते हैं। लेकिन माँ और बेटे में कभी Breakup नहीं हो सकता। क्योंकि माँ की जो  मै की Definition है, जो Center Point है उसके अंदर ही उसका बच्चा आ जाता है। मतलब वो बच्चा उस माँ के दिल का भी दिल है इसलिए वहां प्यार होता है, प्यार करना नहीं पड़ता। और ये जहाँ पर I Love You और I Love You Too होता है वहां कोई प्यार-वार नहीं होता, वहां सिर्फ खुजली होती है दोनों को....  की तुम मुझको खुजलाना और मै तुमको खुजलाऊंगा। लेकिन जब ये You, I के अंदर आ जाता है, I के Definition में आ जाता है तो वहां प्यार होता है, प्यार करना नहीं pdata hai.

Apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me bata sakate hai.apne mere site par apna time spend kiya isaliye apko bahut bahut sukariya.