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Motivational Story For Your Thinking.

Motivational Story For Your Thinking

Hello, mera naam Ravi kumar he aur me raviworrior.blogspot. com ka owner  hun.yeh mera par pahali guest post hai.
Motivation ki baat kare to aaj ke samaye me iski bahut jyada zaroorat he or ye important bhi he. Kyoki har insaan ka koi na koi aim zaroor hota hai aur us aim tak pahunchne ke liye use motivation ki jarrurat to padti hi hai. To friends me aaj apko ek esi success story sunana chahta hu jo apko apke aim ke liye motivate kar sakti hai.
Ye kahani 2 best friends ki hai. Jinme se ek kaa nam ram or dusre kaa naam kishn tha in dono ki age 16 year thi. Ram ek rich family se belong karta hai or kishn ek poor family se hai.Dono friends ek sapna dekhte hai.25 year complete hone se pehle successful banne kaa. Ram jo ki rich family se belong karta hai uske liye ye sapna jyada khaas nahi hota hai. Lekin jo kishn hai uske liye ye dream sab kuch hota hai. Raam ko apna dream pura karne me koi dar nahi thaa lekin vo sirf din bhar success ke baare me sirf think karta rahata tha aur kishn jiske liye ye sapna sab kuch thaa. Vo sochta he ki agar me padhai ke saath kaam karunga to log kya kahenge. Matlab use samaj ka dar thaa. Pr vo kuch karna chahtaa thaa. Isliye vo motivation ke liye motivational stories padhne lagaa. Firr achanak use ek motivation story milti hai jise padhne ke bad usaki life change ho jati hai.Vo story kuch is prakaar se hai.

--   Ek baar do frog 🐸 🐸  chal rahe hote hai aur chalte chalte achank ek khaai me girr jaate hai aur baahr niklne ke liye uchlte rehte hai. Fir unke kuch aur rishtedar aate hai aur unko kehne lagte hai ki ruk jaao thehr jaao kyu itni mehnat kr rahe ho tum yahha se baharr nahi aa sakte or yehi isi daldal me mar jaaoge. Unki baaten sunkar ek 🐸  frog rukk jaata hai aur vahi par beth jaata hai. Lekin jo dusra frog hota he vo nahi rukta hai aur uchlta rehtta hai. Uske rishtedaar firr use kehte hai ki ruk jaa kyu kar raha hai itani mehnat. Par vo aur jor se uchlta hai. Vo firr se kehte hai rukk jaa dekh vo kese ruka hai tu bhi ese hi rukk jaa. Par vo aur jor se uchlta he orr uchlte hue bahar aa jaata he. Fir uske rishtedaar herran ho jaate hai aur uske paas jaate hai ye puchne ke lye ki usne hamaari baat kyu nahi suni. Tab vo uske paas jaate hai or usse baat karne par pata chaltaa he ki vo bahraa tha or sun nahi saktaa hai.. The end!!  Ye story kishn ko bahut jyada motivate karti hai aur use bhi lagta hai ki mujhe bhi apne samaj ke liye behra banna hai mtlb dusaro ki bato par dhyan nahi dena hai aur kevval apne aim par focus karna hai. Aur vo ladaka agea chalkar aaj ek milonierr hai aur successful insaan he...!  
To friends ab apko tay karna hai apko kya karna hai apko ye story kaisi lagi hame comment me jarur bataye.

How To Make People Like You By Dale Carnegie?

How To Make People Like You ?

Every person think how to influence any people like teachers,boss,friends etc.
But they could not get a best way as many people do not know about the book of Dale carnegie.
So I thought I can share some topics of these books on my site for help of people.
here we are sharing to six ways to make people like you. It way given by dale carnegie.

#Principle-1 "Become Genuinely Interested In Other People"

if you want others people to like you,If you want develop real friendships,if you want to help others at the same time as you help yourself,keep this principle in mind.

Dale carnegie

#Principle-2 "Smile"

your smile is a massenger of your good will. Your smile brightness the lives of all who see it. It creates happinees in the home,fosters good will in a business, and is the contesting of friends.
It is rest to the weary,daylight to the discouraged,sunshine to the sad, and Nature's best antidote for trouble.

#Principle-3 "Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

The name sets the individual apart; it makes him or her unique among all others.The information we are imparting or the request we are making takes on a special importance when we approach  the situation  with the name of the individual. From the waitress to the senior executive,the name wil work magic as we deal with others.
We should be aware of the magic contained in a name and realise that this single item is wholly and completely owned by the person with whom we are dealing.... and nobody else.
When you are calling any person with her name he impress with you. It is a very simple way to impress any person.
We should never forget it.

#Principle-4 "Be a Good Listener .Encourage others to talk about themselves."

If you aspire to be a good conversationalist ,be an attentive listener.To be interesting,be interested Ask questions that about person's wil enjoy answering. Encourage  them to talk about themselves and their accomplishments.
Remember that the people you are talking to are a hundred times more interested in themselves and their wants and problems than they are in you and your problems.

#Principle-5 " Talk in Terms of Others Person's Interests."

#Principle-6 "Make the Other Person Feel Important-and do it Sincerely. "

The life of many a person could probably be changed if only someone would make him feel important.
Remember what Emerson said:everything man I meet is my superior in some day. In that,I learn of him.
The Universal truth is that almost all the people you meet feel themselves superior to you in some way,and a sure day to their hearts is to let theme realise in some subtle way that you realise their importance,and recognise it Sincerely.

Fundamental Techniques In Handling People

  • Don't criticise,condemn or complain
  • Give honest and sincere appreciation.
  • Arouse in the Other Person an eager want.

How To win People to Your way of Thinking.

  • The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.
  • Show respect for the Other person's opinions.Never say,'You're wrong.'
  • If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically. 
  • Begin in a friendly way.
  • Get the Other Person saying 'yes,yes'imediately.
  • Let the Other Person do a great deal of the talking.
  • Let the Other Person Feel that the idea is his or hers.
  • Try honesty to see things from the Other person's point of view. 
  • Be symphatically with the Other person's ideas and desires.
  • Appeal to the nobler motives.
  • Dramatize your ideas.
  • Throw down a challenge.

Be a leader :How to change people without  giving offence or arousing  resentment

  • Begin with praise and honest appreciation.  
  • Call attention to people's mistakes indirectly. 
  • Talk about your own mistakes before criticising the Other Person. 
  •  Ask questions instead of giving direct orders. 
  •  Let the Other person save face. 
  •  Praise the slightest improvement and praise every Improvement.Be 'hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise. 
  •  Give the Other person a fine reputation to live up to. 
  • Use encouragement. Make the fault seen easy to correct. 
  •  Make the Other Person happy about doing the thing you suggest.  

Now I am stopping the principle. I think it will good for you.
You spend your time on my site so thank you.

Success Kaise Ho ? Secret of Success?

Secret of Success / Kaise Ho Success

sabhi log bat karte rahate hai ki kaise success ho? Kya kare successful hone ke liye?

aaj phir se apka swagat hai mere website mai is post me ye batane wala hun ki success kaise ho.success hone ke ek best tips batayenge jo apke liye janana aur follow karna bahut hi important hai.jab baby janm leta hai to usake parents usake future ke sapne dhekhne lagate hai ki mera beta ye bnega vo bnega.bahut sari sapne aate hai.Aur jab ladke bade hote hai to vo bhi success hone ke liye apne study pe concentrate karte hai.Taki vo apne aim ko achieve kar sake.

secret of success

But jo bade log hai jo business kar rahe hai unake success hone ka ek aur tips hai unako apne work se prem hona chahiye.unako apne kam ko puri mehnat aur imandari ke sath karna chahiye.keval mehnat karne se aap success nahi ho jayenge isake liye apko kuch aur tips ko dhyan dena hoga aur follow karna hoga.Jisake bare me is post me explain kiya gaya hai.Aap is post ko dhyan se padhe.

Secret of Success

Kya hai success hona,jab aap apne aim ko achieve kar lete ho to kya aap isako success bolate ho.kya hai ye success jab aap aur hm success ko samajhenge nahi to success kaise honge dosto.apko bhi pata hai kisi kam ko hm tabhi kar sakate hai jab hmko usake bare me thodi knowledge hogi.To dosto success hone ke liye apko bhi success ko samajhna aiye pahale success ko samajhate hai kya hai success.

What is Success

simple hai success ki koi limit nahi hoti.aap kise success manate ho.ise hi na ki jab koi apne goal ko achieve kar liya to success ho gaya.But isako success nahi bolate.
Ek example deta hun.
mana aap ek doctor bnana chahate hai aur jab aap doctor bn jate hai to aap sochate hai aap success ho gaye to aap bilkul galat hai maine apko pahale hi bata diya hai success hone ki koi limit nahi hoti success kya hai apke man me ye question bar bar aa raha dhyan de aap jis field me jate ho us field me better karte jao sabse better puri world me better.aur apne life me age badhate jao. Ye success hai.

ek aur example deta hun.

jab aap doctor bn jate hai to aap ab pure world ke better doctor bn ke dikhao.aur jab pure world ke sabse better doctor banoge to aap kuch aur better karne ke liye sochane lagenge.ese hi aap kuch na kuch naya karte rahoge.
To dosto success hone ka sidha sa aur bahut simple sa matlab hai "aage badhate jao" kabhi bhi har na mano aage badhate jao-badhate jao.

Make Opportunities 

aap agar sochate hai ki hmare hato ke lakiro me ya apke kismat me success hona likha hi nahi hai to aap bilkul galat soch rahe hai.success kisi ke kismat me likhi nahi hoti apko khud opportunity banani hoti hai jisame aap apne goal ko achieve kar aage badhate rahe.
ek bahut hi better motivate karne wali thought apke sath share karta thought ko sandeep maheshwari ne diya hai jo images bajaar company ke founder hai aur ye sath hi sath world best interprenier logo ko motivate bhi karte hai.
"agar ye duniya kahati hai tere hato ke lakiro me hi kami to mai apne hatho ki lakiro ko kyo nahi badal sakata"
aaj tak jitane bhi successful hue vo bhi hmare aur apke tarah hi the vo bhi bahut hi kamjor the study me.but unhone better kar dikhaya apne success aur failyear ko lekar aage badhate rahe.
agar apko apne goal ko achieve karna hai to apko us goal ko pane ke liye oppurtunity ko create karna hoga tabhi aap apne goal ko achieve kar payenge.
Example-agar aap IIT entrance exam me top karna chahte ho to aapko pata hai jab tak aap puri better hard work nahi karoge to aap top nahi kar paoge.mtlab aapke hath me hai apko apne aim ko achieve karna hai ya nahi aap chahe to apne aim ko pa sakate hai.Bas apko usake liye better preparation karna hoga.

Kabhi Har Na Mane

jab tak aap haroge nahi tab tak aap sabse better karoge bhi nahi.harane se na dare.sanghars karte rahe.kyoki aap bhi janate hai jo sabse jyada hara aaj wahi log successful hue hai.agar aap fail hote hai to isaka matlab hai.First Attempt in Life..

man lete hai aap cricket khel rahe ho but pichhe koi wicket nahi hai aur na koi player hai bs ek boller hai jo boll fec raha hai.
Ab aap samajh le jo ball hai vo opportunity hai aur aap life me sanghars kar rahe ho.
ek ball aata hai aap bat gumate ho ball chut jati hai.phir ek dusara ball ata hai aap bat gumate ho bhi ball chut jati hai aap apne life me fail hote ja rahe ho.but aap har nahi man rahe ho ab apko is cricket means life ka game samajh me aa gaya hai ab phir dusara ball aata hai aap bat gumate ho aur marte ho six. Dekha maja aaya example ka matlb tha ye life ek ek oppurtunity apko deti jayegi aur apko use achieve karna hoga agar aaj nahi kar pate ho to kal jarur kar loge kyoki ab apko es life ka game samajh me aa gaya hai aur ab jab koi oppurtunity aayegi use aap achieve kar loge.aur aage badhate chale jaoge.apko har nahi manana hai apko aage badate rahana hai.
maine kha na is life ke game me koi wicket nahi hota hai.matalb aap chaho to is life ke khel me kabhi out nahi ho sakate jab tak aap is maidan ko chhod kar bhag nahi jate.

Learn from Mestake

aap jab koi work kar rahe ho aur usame apko success nahi milati hai to aap niras na ho.but aap pata karo ki kya problem hai kon si kami hai jisake wajah se aap success nahi ho pa rahe problem ko samajho aur phir dubara mehanat karo agar phir fail hote ho to phir us galati ko pakdo jisake wajah se esa ho raha hai phir us galti ko thic karke work karo.apko success jarur milegi.kahne ka matalab hai apko kabhi bhi har nahi manana chahiye.aap apne galatiyo se sikh le aur phir vaisi galati kabhi na kare.

Patience & Courage

aap apne courage ko km na hone de apne atm vishvas ko bnaye rakhe isako tutane na de.aur kisi bhi field me jald success nahi milata usake liye apko bahut hi hard work karna hota hai to isiliye aap koi bhi kam patience rakh kar field ko samajhe jisme aap jana chahate hai aur mehanat kare apko success jarur milegi.

aap sub kuch possible kar sakate hai.agar aap soch lete hai mere liye ye asan hai to vo chij apke liye asan hogi aur agar aap soch lete hai mere liye ye hard hai to vo chij apke liye hmesa hard hi hogi aur kuch time bad apke liye impossible ho jayegi.
Success hona ka niyam universal hai.agar aap mehnat karte rahe to apko success jarur milegi.
to friends apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye aur is post ko apne friends ke sath share karna na bhule.


Student Life vs Married Life

Student Life vs Married Life

hm students hi apne country ke future ko better banate hai. Aaj hm bat karenge ki students ki life aur ek married life me kaun sa better hai.Students ka sabse better property hoti hai question students question nahi karte,kuch janane ki echchcha nahi rakhate vo kabhi bhi better success nahi hote hai.aur students hi apne married life ko better bnate student life hi decide karta hai ki apki married life kaisi hogi.agar studet aaj ko better bnate hai to unka married life better hoga.unka future better hoga.
To chaliye ab apne topic par aate hai.

Students Life

jab bhi koi child janm lete hai to kuch years ke bad school jane lagate hai.aur apne aim ke sapne dekhane lagate hai ki muje engineer ya doctor ya D.M. Banana hai.jis student ki jisame ruchi hoti hai vo us field me jane ki sapne dekhate hai.mai yhan kuch students ki quality ko apke sath sbare kar rahan hun.


1-Tention Free

students ki life tention se free aur ek better life hoti hai.students ko only apne education par concentrate karna hota hai. Aur apne aim ko pane ke liye hard work karna hota hai.aur students ye work apne future ko better karne ke liye bahut achchchi tarah se karte hai.

2-Do Something New

students always kuch alag karne ki sochate hai taki apni power ko show kare.teachers jan paye ki ye better ladka hai is ladke par more focus dena chahiye.aur ese students ko hi teacher better bnate hai unako gyan dete students padhne ki hobby rakhate hai teachers bhi unahi ladko par focus karte hai.aur jo ladke bas galat kam karte hai unako suggestion dete hai ki babu dekho padhai par mn lagao apne mind ko bhtakane na do.Tabhi apne future ko beyter kar payenge.

3-Kuch Nya Sikhane Ki Ekchcha Rakhna

ye student ki sabse best quality hoti hai.kuch new janane ki kosis karna,question karna.isase hi students ki pahchan hoti question nahi karta vo student kaisa.

4-Friend Groupe

agar aap bhi student hai to apke friends honge hi ek groupe hoga hi friends ka.Study me kamjor ladake Best students se dosti karte hai taki vo bhi us ladke se kuch naya sikhe.Aur vo bhi study me tej ho sake.Aur is tarah ek friend groupe bn jata hai.


students ki ek aur habbit hoti hai ki agar koi unake pachchch me kuch bolata hai to vo unase prem karte hai aur jo unake opposite side me bolata hai students unase ghrina karne lagate chote students ki ek simple quality hoti hai jo bade hone par dhire dhire khatm ho jati hai.Inako koi kadvi bat bahut jald buri lag jati aur koi achchi bat bahut jald achchchi lag jati hai.

6-Attraction of Love

students me attraction ki quality more hoti hai.isiliye girls boys bahut jyada ek dusare ki taraf attrac hote hai aur bina luch jyada soche hi ek dusare ko propose kar dete hai.aur love ki es attraction me kho jate students in love ke chakkaro se apne apko bacha lete hai vo better kar jate hai kyoki unako only apne education par concentrate karna hota hai.aur apne aim ko kaise achieve karna hota hai isake bare me sochna hota hai.

7-Do Mistake

students ki ye bhi ek quality hoti hai ki vo galati karta hai. But vo students better hote hai jo apne galatiyo se sikhta hai aur phir yesi galati nahi doharata apne galatiyo se sikhiye aur aage badate jaiye.Life me prpblem nahi aayegi to aap ese hi kamjor ho problems aati hai unase aap har na probmem ko katm karne ke bare me sochiye.

Married Life

esi life better tabhi hoti hai jab aap apne student life me better kiye hote hai agar nahi kiye hote hai to bhi aap apne married life ko better bna sakate hai.Bas apko apne kam se prem Karna hai agar apko apne work se prem hai to aap us field me bhi better ho sakate hai.bas apko mehanat karni hai.


jab students apni study complete kar lete hai to marriege ke bare me sochate hai ab unahe ek life partner ki jarurat hoti hai jo unahe pyar kare aur unaki presaniyo ko samajhe aur unaki hmesa sath de. Aur is tarah Unaki relation pakka karke marriege kar diya jata hai.
jo ladako relationship me hote hai vo love marriege kar lete hai.jab apka martiege ho jsta hai to isi life ko married life kahate hsi.married life ke kuch quakity hai jo niche diye gaye hai.

1-Jimmedar Hona

jab apki marriege ho jati hai to aap jimmedar ho jata hai ab apko only apne par dhyan nahi apni wife apni puri family ke jarurato par dhyan dena hota hai.apki jimmedariya apki family ke prati badh jati hai.

2-Family Ke Sabhi Member Ki Jarurato Par Dhyan Dena

ab aap bade ho gaye hai.apko achcha aur bura ka knowmedge to hai hi ab apko apni jarurato ko puri karne se pahle apne family member ki jarurato ko pura karna hota hai.unako kush rakhna hota hai.

3-Apne Childs Par Focus Karna

ek married life ki ye bhi bahut badi jimmedari hoti hai ki wife and husband apne bachcho par dhyan de unake life ke bare me soche.Unako achchhi siksha de,achchhi sikh de.Taki unake bachche ek achchhe insan bn sake.kyoki ek father mother hi apne bachcho ka pahla teacher hota hai jo unahe achchhai aur burai ka gyan deta hai.kya achcha hota hai aur kya bura hota hai apne bachcho ko btana hota hai.

4-Problems Ko Face Karna

married life me bahut se probem aati hai jaise family me jhgada ya money probem jinako apko face karke khtam karna hota hai aur apne puri famiky ko bandhkar rakhna hota hai ek jut hokar rahana hota hai.
apko sabhi kamo ko behtar karna hota hai.aur kabhi kusi aur kabhi gm me apne apko aur apne family ko samabhalna padta hai.yahi ek married life ki jimmedariya hoti hai.jinako sabhi ko follow karna hota hai.

Ye life bahut hi better hota hai jisne apne life ko better kar liya unake liye ye life swarg hota hai aur jin logo ne kuch achcha nahi kar paye unake liye ye life jahar ho jati hai.To dosto is life ko khulakar jio kyoki ye zindagi dubara nahi milane wali.
Aaj ke is ka yahi maksad rmtha ki apko bataya jaye ki ek student life aur ek married life Kaisi hoti hai isame hmari aur apki jimmedariya kya hoti hai.
to friends apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comments me jarur bataye aur is post ko apne friends ke sath jarur share kare.

Maine Blogging Karke Kya Sikha ?

Kya Shikha Blogging Karke?

aaj mere website par 100 post complete ho gaye hai.Aaj mai bahut khus hun kyoki mere blog par 100 post ho chuke hai.blogging karna mera passion hai.mai logo ki help karna chahta hun.aur isiliye maine blogging start ki thi taki ham jyada se jyada logo ki help kar sake aur aaj hm kar rahe hai apne blog ki post ke dvara.

Maine Blogging Karke kya sikha yahi is post me btane wala hun.maximum bloggers blogging me safal nahi ho pate hai jab unako earnning nahi hoti hai to blogging chhod dete hai. Aap sochiye bina mehanat kiye apko safalata mil jayegi kya aap soch rahe hai ki aaj blog bnaya aur kal se earnuing start ho jaye to esa bilkul bhi nahi ho sakata.bina mehnat kiye apko safalata nahi milane wali.
safalata rato rat nahi milati safal hone ke liye utani mehnat karni hoti hai.aap apne field me tabhi success ho sakate hai jab apko apne work se pyar rahega.yahi pyar apko apke success tak apko le jayegi.

maine blogging se kya sikha.

apne work ko apna passion bnaiye aur blogging paise ke liye nahi dusaro ki help ke lijiye kijiye tabhi aap success ho payenge.jab apke blog par traffic hogi tabhi earning hogi aur apke blog par traffic bhi tabhi hogi jab aap apne visitors ke liye kuch naya karoge kuch tips bataoge.kyoki sabhi ko kuch naya janane ka man karta hai.isiliye aap apne blog visitors ke liye naye naye topics par posts likhiye.

aap bhi blogging kar rahe hai mai bhi blogging kar raha hun hmane bahut se problem ko solve kiya hai blogging me.aur bahut kuch sikha hai.

Maine Blogging Se Kya Sikha

mai three month se blogging kar raha hun aur maine bahut kuch sikha blogging se kuch bate apke sath bhi share kar raha hun.

1-Dusaro Ka Bhala

agar aap dusaro ka bhala nahi karenge,nahi sochenge to apka bhi bhala nahi hoga.aaap apne liye nahi visitors ke liye post likhiye.maine blogging se ye sikha ki post chahe kitna bhi chota kyo na ho usame jo bate hai vo top motivate karne wali honi chahiye.jise padhate hi logo ko apka blog aur pasand aa jaye.hmare post ke content hi hmare liye bahut important hota hai.hame apni writing skill ko better karte rahna chahiye.

2-Hmesa Kuch Nya Kare

aap apne blog par always daily post karte honge.but apne kabhi socha hai post bhi only ek hi topic par na kare kuch aur topics par kare.kyoki only ek hi topic ki posts ko padhkar koi bhi bor ho jata hai.aap hmesa kuch nya kare kuch naya topic par post kare.

3-Aage Badhane Ki Echchcha,Kuch Naya Sikhane Ki Echchcha

hamesa aage badhne ke bare me soche ye kabhi na soche ki mai to safal ho gaya hun ab muje kya karna hai nahi ye soch apko bahut jald hi niche gira degi.hmesa aage badhate rahne ke bare me me ye sochiye ki hmesa kuch naya soche taki apka knowledge aur badhe.taki aap apne visitors ke liye kuch better kar sake.

4- Kabhi Har Na Mane

apko bhi pata hoga blogging me kitani presaniya aayi hogi apko.muje bhi aayi hai aur maine un problems ko dur kiya kabhi bhi har nahi mana.thoda mayus hua but mai janta hun mayus hone se kuch achchcha bhi nahi hoga isase better hai us problem ko hmesa ke liye khatam kar diya jaye.presaniya to hmesa aati rahegi.bina problem ke ye life kaisa isame maja hi nahi aayega.
ek bar jis kam ko than lijiye ki muje ye karna hai to bus karna hai chahe muje isake liye kitani bhi takleef kyo na ho.mai in problem ko sahne ke liye taiyar hun.
mai abhi blogging me success nahi hua hun.but mai mehnat kar rahan hun ki mai bhi ek best blogger ban jayun.aur jyada se jyada logo ki help kar saku.
to dosto aaj ke post me itana hi.apko meri ye post achchchi lagi hoto apne friends ke sath jarur share kare.aur apne bare me comment me bataye ki apne kya kya sikha blogging karne se.

Student life ki sabse badi problem kya hai

Student life ki sabse badi problem kya hai ?

Hi Friends

aaj phir se apka swagat hai.mere website par ye ek hindi website hai.aaj mai apke liye ek esa post lekar aya hu jo all students ke liye bahut hi important hai kyoki aaj ham students ki bahut hi badi problem ke bare me bat kar rahe hai.aap is post ko padhkar jan jaoge ki apkpadhai me man Kyo nahi lag rha hai ?
Vo kaun si problem hai jisake wajah se students ki life kharab ho rahi hai ?

Bahut se student hai padhai me bahut intelligent hai par jaise hi unka age 15 years hota hai vo student batkne lagte hai.or jo student apne apko control karke apne pdhai pe dhyan de pata hai vahi student success hota hai.yesi bhatkane wali bahut si object hai jaise nsha ,mobile,girl,bad friendship sabke chakkr me student padkar apni life kharab kar lete hai.ab aap soch rahe honge maine girls ko kyo laya is topic me to mai apko bata deta un kyoki boys girls ki taraf hi attract ho rahe hai aur agar unaka breakup ho jata hai to maximum ladke itna adhik disturb ho jate hai jisase unka education par bahut hi wrong effect padta hai.Maximum girls hi breakup karti hai isiliye kyoki unka attraction hota hai ya koi bahut badi reasion.jisake wajah se girls esa karti hai.Girls ko jyada effect nahi padta kyoki unaki emotion leval kam aur ladko ki adhik hoti hai.
to dosto aap in sabhi wrong chijo se bachhane ke liye maine apke liye ye post likhi hai.aap es post ko dhyan se padhe.


ye kuch topic hai jiske vajah se student ki life kharab ho rahi hai.

Love and Attraction of Boys and Girls

jaise hi students ka age 15 years se adhik hota jata hai.uname bahut teji se growth hormones me changing hota hai.Jisase unake thinking,behaviour me bahut sare changes hote hai.Aur uname local love means attraction ki feelings aane lagati hai.Aur vo attraction me padte ja rahe hai.
ladkiya,ladko ki taraf / ladke ladkiyo ki taraf attract ho rahe hai.or unko lagta hai ki ye unka pyar hai its only attraction.yah pyar nhi unka ek dusre ke liye attraction bahut jald khatam bhi ho jata hai.but agar aap unse ye khoge ki ye love nahi hai to vo apki ek bat nahi sunene kyoki vo is attraction me pad gaye hai.aur jab tak unka age 18-19 years tak nahi hota hai unako ye love hi lagta hai.But apko dhire dhire sab samajh aa jayega.

Student Life Ki Sabse Badi Problem Kya Hai?             

to dosto ab topic par aa hi gaye hai to apse kuch question hai.
aap kisi girl ya boy ko jise aap like karte hai use Apka mn kyo kiss karne ke liye karta hai?
Aap apni gf ya bf ko kyo lage lagana chahte ho?
Aap usako kyo bar-bar touch karte ho?
Aap usake sath time kyo spend karna chahte ho?

kya ye sab karna apke liye bahut hi important hai kya apka education study apke liye koi mayne nahi rakhta.aap sb jante hue bhi esa kar rahe ho.Ye sab apke liye important nahi apke study ke siva.aap isiliye esa kar rahe ho kyoki apka mind aap par habi ho chuka hai aap apne mind ko control nahi kar pa rahe hai.
jo question jo apko maine upar diya tha uska answer hai [ Sexual Thinking ]

Sexual Thinking means Sex ke bare me sochana aur students ki sabse badi problem yahi hai. Kyoki ye age hi esa hai is time mind ka jo concentration hota hai vo low hota hai jisase ye thinking apke upar habi ho jati hai.

Jisake karan sabhi students sex ki taraf attract ho rahe hai.jisse vo apne apko ye sab sochne par control nahi kar pa rahe hai quki ye ege hi esa hai.Is age me hmare body ke growth hormones me teji se changes hota hai isiliye jayaada ladke-ladkiya apne apko control nahi kar paate hai.
aap logo ne sayad dhyan diya hoga jab aap log kahi hote hai ya mobile use kar rahe hote hai to budhe log kya kahte hai babu yahi time hai padhne ka aur yahi time hai bigrne ka apne apko padhai me lagao.Unaki is bat ka isara bhi isi kabhi kabhi isi taraf hi hota hai kyoki un logo ne bhi is problem ko samajha hai unako bhi ye problem hue thi but vo aap logo ko khul ke to kah nahi sakate hai.sabhi log yahi kah rahe hai beta padho lekin koi ye nahi bta rha ki is sex ki problem se student kaise bache.

to friends maine apke sath in problems ko share kiya ab apki aur sabi students ki sabse badi problems ka solution de raha hun. In chijo ko dimag se kaise nikale janne ke liye niche ki tips follow karo---
Agar aap apne life me kuch karna chahte hai to in chijo se bachna hoga.mai apko bas suggestion de sakata hun baki sab apke hat me hai.Apke upar depend karta hai.

1--For Boys

agar aap kisi girl ki traf attract hote hai to aap is attraction se bachne ke liye us girl ko apne mn me sister man lo jab aap esa man loge to apke mn me koi bhi feelings nhi creat honge us girl ke liye.aap ldkiyo se bat karna kam kar dijiye.ladkiyo ki taraf dekhiye mat.Agar dekhate bhi hai to sister mankar.Is taraf aap is attraction se bach sakte ho.

2--For Girls

ladkiya jis ladke ki or attract ho rahi hai use apna brother . Man le jab girl esa kroge to apke man me koi bhi emotion,feelings nahi bnenge us ladke ke liye.ladkiya ladko se bat karna kam kar de.ldko ki taraf dheke hi tarah ldkiya bhi is attraction se bach sakti hai.

kyoki ye time apka gf ya bf bnane ka nahi hai ye time apko study par concentrate karne ka hai taki aap apne success ko pa sake.

Sexual Thinking Se Kaise Bache?

dhyan dijiye jab apke man me koi aim nahi hai to apka mind keval mauj-masti,maje karne ke piche bhagta hai.
or sabse jyada maja achha Gf ya bf se bat karke use kiss karke aata hai ladko ko ya ghumna ya kisi ladki se bat karna.Ya sex ke bare me sochana. [SEX] Agar apko lagata hai ye ahut hi dirty word hai to aap 100% wrong soch rahe hai.Is word ka aur is work ka apke life me bahut hi badi importance hai.Kyoki aap jo paida hue hai isi thinking ke vajah se agar iska attraction nahi hota to aap paida bhi nahi hue hote. Ye thinking wrong nahi hai.but sabhi work ka time hota hai aur ye sab wife-husband ke beech hi better hota hai aur agar students hi apne aim ko chhodkar in sab chijo ke bare me sochane lagenge to ye wrong thinking hai.Ye apke nature me hi hai.Isiliye aap ka mind bhi sex ki taraf ja rahe hai.
aur iska only ek hi solution hai jise aap follow kar isase bach sakate ek example se samajhaya gaya hai.


man lijiye apka mind horse hai or us horse par apko baita diya gya  jo iadr udar bhag raha hai or apko kuch samjh me nahi a rha ki kya kare.kaise stop kare horse ko ek direction me kaise le jaye .to apko iske liye lgam ki jarurt hoti hai. 
usi tarah apke mind ko ek direction me le jane ke liye ek burning desire ki jarurt hoti hai.ek aim ki jarurt hai.jab apke mind me ye desire ayega ki muje kuch karna hai muje success hona hai is field me to apka mind puri energy ko us desire ko pane ki direction me lga time apka mind apke control me hoga or aap jo chahoge vo pa loge.
to dosto agar mujse koi galati hue hogi is post me to muje maf karna.aap in chijo ko follow kar apne mind ko ek direction me le ja sakate hai aur apne mind ko khrab chijo se bacha sakate hai.sab apke upar depend karta hai.agar aap better karna chahoge to better jarur kar loge.
to friends agar apko meri ye tips achchi lagi ho to share karna mat bhulna.
aur apko meri post kaisi lagi hame comment me jarur bataye.

Board Exam Ki Taiyari Kaise Kare Short Time Me

Board Exam Ki Taiyari Kaise Kare Short Time Me

Hii friend aaj mai apke liye kuch important bate lekar aaaya hun exams ke bare me.
board 12th ya 10th ki exam all student ke liye pahala way hota hai unake life ka.To student ko utna kuch pata nahi hota kya kare,kaise subjects ko learn kare,Kaise taiyari kare,exam kaise denge ye sab bate aap logo ke man me chalata rahata hai jisase unka dar bhi badhta jata hai.But friends ab ghbrane ki koi jarurat nahi hai ab mai apke liye exam ki taiyari ka best tips lekar aaya hun jisase aap follow karke bahut jald hi exam ki taiyari kar payenge.Board exam me keval pass hi hona nahi hota hai achcha rank karna hota hai taki aap logo ke parents ka aap par proud ho.ab agar better percentage lane hai to better preparation to karana padega na.
mai aaj is post me apko kuch achchi tips share kar rha hun jo apko kam time me better preparation dega apki taiyari better hogi. iske liye apko target bnakar exam ki taiyari karni padegi.
Board exam february me hi start hone wala hai.Sabhi stundets ko exam dates se pahle exam ki taiyari karni hoti hai taki unako revise karne ka time mil jaye.
mai yhan apko kuch bate share karunga jise aap understand kar apne preparation ke liye achcha time table bana kar apne exam ki taiyari kar payenge.

Short Time Me Board Exam Ki Taiyari Kaise Kare ?

board exam ki taiyari kaise kare

board exam me 10th ke stundents ka 6 Subjects hota hai jinaki paper deni hoti hai aur 12th ke stundents ka 5 subjects hoti hai jinaki paper deni hoti hai.In subjects ko apko learn karna hota aiye ab apko aur explain karte hai jisase aap aur better tarike se taiyari kar sake.

1-Make Time Table For Exam Paper

sabse jaruri hota hai time table Kyoki iske bina to kuch nahi hoga ye apke liye sabse best hota h example se apko samjhata hun agar hame
jaise agar ham kisi nadi me boat se travel kar rahe ho aur boat me hole to aap nav bhi dub jayegi aur aap bhi dubenge.
isi tarah apka time table hota hai hme apne time ko bahut soch samajh ke banana hota hai taki aap usako achche se follow kar paye.
to sabse pahle aap apne all subjects ko dhyan me rakhkar ki kis subject par kitana time dena hai soch kar achhe se timetable make kar lijiye.
shedual bnate time Aap in bato ko dhyan me rakhkar bnaye jaise agar apko do subjects hard lag raha hai to un dono subjects ko continue na padhe pahle ek hard subject padhe phir ek easy ,phir dusara hard subject ko padhe.
agar aap do hard subject ko lgatar padhenge to apko utani bate yad nahi rah payegi aap bhul jaoge ye apne mahsus jarur kiya hoga.
In bato ko aap dhyan me rakhkar exam ki taiyari asani se kar sakate ho.agar apka exam hone me 15 days only bacha hai tab toapke liye time bnane ki koi jarurat nahi aap un subjects par jyada concentrate kare jo abhi prepare nahi hua hai.unaka taiyari kare achhe se.3 hour lagatar read karne ke bad apne mind ko 20 ya 30 minutes ke liye free kar de aur exam ka tension lekar taiyari na kare.tension me hokar learn karenge to learn nahi hoga.apne health ka dhyan rakhe yehi apke liye sabse better hai.

2-Classifiaction Of Subjects

bse pahale aap uan sabjects ko alag karle jiski apko taiyari karni hai.un subjects ko alag ek pass rakh le jisase apko exam ki tauyari karni hai.taki apko asani hogi book khojane me un lessions ko tick kar le jinako pahale yad karna hai.aur par unit se ek ek lession yad karte aage ke pure lessions ko learn kare.Ye tick kar le kaun kaun se questions apke liye bahut hi important hai.isase apko exam ki preparation me asani hogi. Aap un chapters par jyada.focus kare jisase exam me maximum questions ate hai. Nahi to ese topic par dhyan dene se kya profit hoga jb usase apko exam me ek bhi question nahi ayenge to isiliye aap un chapters par tic kar le jo maximum marks apko exam me dene wale hai aur un chapters par more focus kare. aur preparation hone ke bad agar apke pass time bachta hai to aap easily un alag chapters ki bhi taiyari kar sakate hai.

3-Understand Lession

aap book ke lessions ko rata na kariye aap lession ko samajhkar padhiye.warna aap sab rata hua lession bhul jaoge.To isile lession ko samajhiye rata na kijiye.Agar aap soch rahe honge itana bada answer kaise yad ho payega to aapse sach me nahi yaad ho payega.aur agar aap sochenge mere liye asaan hai to chahe kitna bhi hard kayo na ho aap lessions ko understand karke learn kar paoge.
reality me questions hard ya easy nahi hote hai vo jaise hai vaise hi rahate hai agar apko questions learn karna muskil lag rha hai to iska matlb hai apko us topic ke bare me puri knowleadge nahi hai isiliye pahale aap un topics ko achchi tarah samajh le phir apko sab asan lagega.
aur agar vahi aap topic ko samajhe nahi hote hai to apko ve questions hard lagate hai.

4-Make Notes Of All Subjects

jo subjects ke apke paper honge un subjects ke paper ka notes bna lijiye jisame only important question jo exam ke liye important hota hai usaka note banao aur achhe se learn karo.Notes ko itana easy tarike se bnaye jisase aapko bahut asani ho sab questions learn karne me.

5-Make Concentration

concentration apke mind ke liye aur exam me paper dete time ke liye bahut hi jaruri hai.Bina concentration kiye aap bahut kuch mistake kar sakate hai apko pata bhi nahi chalega.
ek example deta hun. Jab aap school se exam dekar aate hai aur dubara paper ko padhate hai to kya hota hai ki are ye question ka answer pata tha kyo nahi yad aaya,ya are is question ka maine glat answer likh diya hai.aapne kabhi socha hai esa kayo hota hai.
Mai apko bata deta hun.ya apke mind ke concentrate na hone ki problem hai agar apke sath esa hota hai ya nahi bhi tobhi apko apne mind ko concentarate karna chhahiye.mind ko concentrate karne ke liye kuch tips bata deta hin jo apke liye bahut hi important hai isame se koi ek follow kare.
A-daily exercise kare aur meditation kare ye mind ko concentrate karne ka sabse best tarika hai.
B-Aap apne study room me kisi bhi object ko centre mankar usake taraf dekhe aur palake na jhapkane de aap is tarah jitna time tak karoge apka mind utna hi concentrate hoga aur is tarah aap apne mind ko bahut hi powerful bna loge.

6-Test Yourself For Exam

keval learn karna hi nahi apke liye important hai uska test lena bhi jaruri hai.unsolved papers apne liye honge hi previous board exam ke.Aap janate honge apka board exam 3 hours,15 minutes ka hota hai.isi ke time ko dhyan me rhakhate hue kisi ek subjects ka unsolve paper lijiye aur time ko dekhkar 3 hour 15 minutes ke andar paper ke answer dene ka puri kosis kare.isi tarah aap all subject ka apne apka test le aur underatnd kare aap kitna better kar sakate ho.Ye apke liye bahut hi important hai.

7-Don't Think About Copy

hmesa positive soche kabhi bhi koi -negative bat na socho ki nakal kar sab bate apne mind se nikal dijiye agar aap esa karte hai to aap apne apko aur kamjor bna rahe hai.Aur ye bhi na soche ki bagal me jo baitha hoga papers me usase puch lenge ye bate apko questions ke answers ko learn karne me rokati hai isiliye esi bato ko apne mind se nikal dijiye.ek example deta hun ye apko bahut jyada motivate karega.
#Exam ki taiyari is tarah kijiye ki jis tarah ek samundra ke laharo me akele phansa hua aadmi apne ko bachane ki kosis karta hai vaha usaki koi help karne wala nahi aap bhi yahi sochakar taiyari kijiye ki apka koi help nahi karega sabkuch apko karna hai.

8-Believe And Confidence

apne aap par always believe kare ki mai better karunga jab aap better taiyari karenge to aap better paper bhi karenge.Confidence ki jo mai likh rha hun jo mai janta hun vo 100% sahi hai.aur apka confidence mind ko concentrate karne se badhega.

9-Make Target To Achieve High %

exam me better percentage lane ke liye target bnaye ki apko kitane percentage lane hai.agar aap hundred percentage ka sochoge to 95% jarur aa jaayenge isiliye high goal ko target kijiye.aur target bnaye.

10-Social Media 

is time ke lagbhag sabhi students ke pass smartphone hai. Aur sab students social sites par online rahate hai. Aap in sb chijo ke liye time bnaye nahi to agar aap apne study ke time in per online rahenge to apki study better tarike se nahi ho payegi.apka main focus apka exam hona chahiye isiliye in sab chijo se dur rahe ya in sb whatsapp,facebook ko three months ke liye off kar de is time aap only apni study par dhyan de to achcha hoga.kyuki agar apke mind me do se adhik bate chalegi to aap study thic se nahi kar poage.

11-If You Are in 12th Class

agar aap 12th me hai to apko jyada serious hona chahiye apne study ke prati kuki yahi ecam apke life ke way ko clear karegi ki apko ab kya karna hai. Is exam ke bad apko jo karna hai usaki entrance dena padega aur un entrance me inhi subjects se related questions bhi aate hai. Agar aap 12th ki study better nahi ki to aap entrance bhi nahi pass kar paoge achche marks se. Agar apko government college chahiye to apko better karna hoga.

Learn Kaise Kare Subjects Ke lessions Ko

  • kisi question ke answer ko learn karne ka sabse best tarika hota hai us Answer ke sabhi heading ko learn rakhna agar aap question ke answer ke heading ko learn kar lete hai to aap un heading ka explanation assani tarike se kar lenge isiliye answer ke heading ko yar rakhe.
  • jo lession learn nahi ho rha bahut presan kar raha usako chhorkar next lession ko learn kare.aur kisi dusare dusare lession ko learn karne se pahle pahle wale lession ko achhe se prepare kar le.
  • question ko learn karne usako do ya tin bar likh kar dekhiye kya apko learn hai ya nahi ye apke liye better hoga questions ke answer aise jyada time tak learn rahenge.
  • Jis lession ko learn kar liye hai iska matlab ye nahi ki aap use ab padhe hi na usako bhi 3 Din par revise kare jo questions learn hai.
  • aur ek important bat aap apne time table ko esa banaye jise aap achche se follow kar paye jaise ki aap kab free hote ho tution aur college in bato ko soch kar time table bna ke ekdam maje se study me lag jao.


friends hmesa positive soche ki mai paper achha karunga aur agar aap esa sochenge to aap paper bhi better kar payenge.

jab aap paper de rahe honge us time mind me koi bat nahi honi chahiye pura concentrat apni paper par kare aur koi bhi apse ye puchta hai ki bhai ya sis ye question btna to bilkul dhyan na de jabtak apka paper complete nahi ho jata aap unaki koi help na kare.Aur vaise board exam me help karna rule ko todna hai. agar aap batate time dikh gaye to apko examiner reject kar sakata hai paper se.To es bat ka pura dhyan rakhe.
To Friends agar apko meri ye post achhi lagi ho to apne friends ke sath jarur share kare post ko.Aur apni bato ko comment me pich sakate hai.

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Last Post 2017 : Aao Plan Banaye New Year 2018 Ke Liye

Last Post 2017 : Aao Plan Banaye 2018 Ke Liye

Sabse pahle aap sabhi ko advance me Happy New Year
Aaj mai apne is post me ye bat karunga ki ham sabhi bloggers apne is new year 2018 ke liye ham kya-kya plan kare.Ham bloggers blogging me bahut se galatiya kar dete hai kuch jane aur kuch anjane me galtiya ho jaati hai.Blogging karne ka hmara yahi maksad hona chahiye ki jyada se jyada logo ki ham help kar sake blogging me unako achche se guide kar sake hmara yahi goal hota hai.

Aao 2018 Ke Plan Banaye

kuch naye bloggers sab kuch achche se to karte hai but only paise ke baare me sochate hai aap only paise ke bare me sochogo to kya aap kamyab ho jaoge kya aap paise kmane lagoge nahi jab tak aap mehnat nahi karenge jab tak aap blogging me apna 100% nahi lagayenge aap kamyab nahi ho mehnat kare aur puri imandari se blogging kare saflata apke piche doregi.
Agar aap Aur ham puri imandari aur mehanat se blogging karenge to hame aur apko saflata jarure milegi.
Ham sabhi ne bahut se galatiya kari hai aaeye unahe pahchanate hai.

OUR Mistakes:-

1#-Copy Post Publish karna

naye bloggers jyada se jyada yahe karte hai aur ham janate hai ki blogging start karne par new bloggers ko koi idea nahi hota post likhane aur publish karne ka aur iski wajah se jyada se jyada new bogger ghabrakar esa karte hai.aap bataaye hame aap kab tak ese he copy post karenge kya apke problem ki yahi solution hai.Nahi apke problem ka solution ye hai ki aap khud post likhna start kar de.aap copy post karke dusro ko cheat karte hai aap apne mehanat se post likhe agar apko post likhna nahi ata to pahale aap kuch bloggers ki post ko read karke understand kare ki post kaise likhte hai.usake baad aap post likhna suru kare aap dire dire achchi post likhne lagenge.aap kosis to kariye post likhne ki.

2#-keval paise ke bare me sochana

hamne bahut se blogger ko dekha hai vo kahate hai ki ham 1 years se blogging kar rahe hai aur abhi tak kuch bhi nahi kamaya isaki wajah to vo he achche se jaante hai kyoki vo koi n koi galati to jarur kar rahe hai tabhi to ek bhi rupya nahi kamaye hai.Aur bhi bloggers to hai jo kuch he month me paise kamana start kar dete hai vo kaise blogging kar rahe hai to dosto agar aap bhi ese bloggers me se hai ki aap bhi paise nahi kama paaye hai to apne galatiyo ko pahchane.Aur ye pata kare ki aap kya galati kar rahe hai usako sudhare. Dua karte hai ham sabhi ko safalata jarur milegi aap mehanat aur apne imandari se seo aur quality post publish kijiye.

आओ 2018 के लिये निर्णय करे

3#-Koi idea nahi hona Kis topic par post likhe

bahut se log dusre ko dekhkar blogging start kar dete hai aur kisi bhi topic par post likhane lagate hai ese aap blogging me kaise success honge. Blogging me success hone ke liye aap sabse pahale decide kar le ki hame kis topic par knowledge hai aap usi topic par post publish kare.Kyoki jis topic par apko knowledge nahi hai us topic par aap achchi post nahi kar paayenge.

to chaliye apne dvara  2017 Me hue galtiyo ko hamesa ke liye sudhar le apne is new year 2018 me.

 To chaliye plan bnate hai 2018 me kya karna hai

Aao Plan Banaye 2018 Ke liye

kuch he hours me 2017 ka end Aur 2018 new year aane wala hai.sabhi log kush hai sabhi ke andar ek nai umang hai ki 2018 me kuch naya kiya jayega.kuch log sochate hai ki ye year mere liye achcha nahi tha new year 2018 hmare liye bahut achcha hoga.New year ham sabhi ke liye tabhi to achcha hoga jab ham log apne is year ko achcha banayenge,jab ham kuch achcha karenge.Hame life me aage badhne ke liye changes karna bahut he important hota hai.Ham log kisi bhi kam ko karne se pahle sochate hai.
To chaliye is new year ke kushi me ham apne 2018 ke blogging ke safar ke liye plan bana le hame kya-kya karna hai.kin-kin galtiyo ko sudharana hai.

1#-Copy paste karna chor dijiye.

agar apko kisi blogger ki post achchi lagati hai to aap usi topic par post likhe but apne tarike se apne andaaj me. Kyoki agar aap is galati ko nahi sudharenge to aap kabhi bhi success nahi ho paoge.

2#-Bloggers aur apne visitors ke sath achcha relation banaye.

bloggers ki groups ko join kare kyoki jab ham apni comunity bnayenge jab ham ek dusare ka sath denge tabhi ham aage badhenge.Isiliye apse request hai ki aap hamare fb page ko join kare.Niche show ho rha hai mera fb page.

3#-Kabhi har na mane mehanat karte rahe.

4#-Apni writing still ko aur better kijiye. Apne visitors ke liye useful post publish kijiye.

5#-Decide kar le ki hame kis topic par post karni karne se pahle us topic ke bare me puri tarah se jankari prapt kar lijiye.

6#-Apni Mistake ko Accept Kare

Galtiya to sabhi se hoti hai isiliye mayus na ho.sabse badi galati to tab koi karta hai jab apni mistake ko accept nahi karta sabse pahle apni galtiyo ko accept kar le aur un galatiyo se sikh le aur phir vaisi galati kabhi na kare.

agar ham apni 2017 ki is last post ko ek line me khatm kare to is post ka yahi maksad hai ki ham aur aap Is near year me aur better kare apne is blogging ke safar me is new year me apni success ko jarur pa le.Jab ham aur aap better karenge to ham sabhi ko saflata jarur milegi.
Dua hai kuda se ham sabhi ka ye new year bahut he achcha ho ham sabhi ke liye.

agar apko meri ye post achchi lagi ho to apni raay bhi comment me de sakate hai.

10th और 12th के बाद क्या करे,कौन सि पढाई करे

10th और 12th Class मे पढने के बाद क्या करे

10th या 12th के बाद कौन सि पढाई करे सभी student के मन मे यही question रहता है | हमे अपने life को Safe बनाना चाहते है की future मे हमे कोई भि problem न हो |हम कोई ऐसी पढआइ करे जिससे हम success होकर बहुत पैसे कमाये ताकि हम अपने life को अच्छे से जि सके | 
जो लोग मेहनत नही करते है पढाई नही कर रहे है वो लड़के बाद मे बहुत पचताते है और उनको इधर उधर भतकना पडता है | उनको labour का काम करना पद्ता  है पैसे कमाने के लिये उनका sociaty मे कोई respect नही रहता है |

10th और 12th के बाद क्या करे,कौन सि पढाई करे

अगर आपको अपने life मे कुछ करना है ,कुछ बनना है तो आप अपने पढाई पर ध्यान दे इधर उधर अपने मन को ना भटकने दे | love के चकर मे तो कभी भि ना पदे | नही तो आप अपनी education पर ध्यान नही दे पाओगे और अपनी life को खराब कर लोगे | अभि आप student हो अपनी study पर concentrate करो |
आप सोच रहे होंगे 10th या 12th के बाद क्या करे कौन सि पधाइ करे अब मै आपको यही बताने वाला हुँ | जब 12th final हो जाता है तो सभी students अपने goal के according study करना चाहते है तो aiye जानते है क्या करे

10th और 12th के बाद कौन सि पढाई करे?

10th या 12th के बाद हमारे पास तीन रास्ते होते है पढाई करने की



#3-Force,IPS,IAS,Police etc


अगर आप engineering करना चाहते है तो आपको mathematics,Physics और Chemistry मे strong होना चाहिये | क्योकी engineering मे यही subjects हमे पढने होते है |अगर आपको engineer बनना है तो आप इन course को ध्यान दे|

Engineering Entrance Exam की course/Degree कि बारे मे |


ये सबसे low leval की engineering है इसको आप 10th या 12th complete करने के बाद कर सकते है |

#2-Diploma या Polytechnic 

ये course आप 10th class करने के बाद भि कर सकते है अगर आप 12th नही पढना चाहते है तो आप 10th के बाद government polytechnic का entrance exam को पास करके engineering कर सकते है |


ये degree 4 years की होती है |अगर आप करना चाहते है तो आपको इसके लिये 12th पढना होगा उसके बाद आप entrance exam दे सकते है | आपके पास two chance होते है entrance exam देने की | अगर आप polytechnic के बाद करेंगे तो आपको 3 years हि करना पदेगा |


ये 3years की degree होता है | ये degree आप polytechnic या करने के बाद कर सकते है | ये high leval की engineering होती है |

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ये degree 4years की होती है | ये सबसे high leval की engineering होती है | इसकी degree लेने के लिये आपको 12th की पढाई complete करने पर हि entrance exam दे सकते है | इसका भि entrance exam देने की आपके पास two chance होते है | इसका exam देने के लिये आपका 12th मे 60% से above percentage होने चाहिये | इसको आप polytechnic या या के बाद भि कर सकते है | तब आपको 3years हि करना होता है |


अगर आप doctor बनना चाहते है तो आपको Physics,Chemistry और Boilogy पर ज्यादा फोकस करने की जरुरत है | क्योकी जब आप medical entrance exam denge तो इन्ही subjects से related question ask किये जाते है |

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Medical Entrance Exam के बारे मे


अगर आप 10th के बाद हि doctory की पढाई करना चाहते है तो आप  Diploma medical का entrance exam पास करके पढ सकते है | Diploma medical की course 10th के बाद करने पर 3 years करना होता है | अगर आप 12th के बाद diploma medical करेंगे तो आपको 2 years तक हि ये course करना होता है | आप 3years भि कर सकते है | ये आप पर depend करता है |

#2-NEET या UPcpmt 

ये high लेवल की medical entrance exam होते है ये exam test आप 12th के बाद हि दे सकते है | medical के और भि entrance exam है |

FORCE या Lawyer या Officer

अगर आप इन सब चिजो मे जाना चाहते है तो आपको mathematics,Economics,Civics,
History और geography पर ज्यादा ध्यान देना होगा |
इन सब चिजो का exam आप 12th के बाद हि दे सकते है | ये सब exam देने के लिये आपका age 18 years होना चाहिये |
तो दोस्तो अब आपको पता चल गया होगा की आपको क्या पधना पदेगा किस इन सब degree के लिये |अब बस आप अपने goal के according उन subject पर focus करे | मेहनत करे ताकि आप success हो सके |

आपको मेरी artical कैसी लगी comment मे बता सकते है और post को share करना ना भूले |