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AdSense Link Ad Kaise Create Kare?

AdSense Link Ad Kaise Create Kare? 

Aap eak blogger hai to aapko pata hoga link ad kya hota hai but phir bhi mai apko jaake bare me kuch bata deta hun. 
Jaisa kisi name se hi pta chalata hai. Is ad me koi pic  ahi show hoti hai. Isme apke post se rated queri hi show hoti hai. Agar aapne link ad ko nahi dekha hai to aap niche diye gaye screenshot me dekha sakaten hai than ek link ad ka screen shot dikhaya gaya hai.

Aaj ke is post me mai apko batane wala hun ki link ad ko kaise create karte hai. Aur isse kya profit hai. 
Jada tar sabhi blogger apne blog par 3 text ad, 3 link ad ka use karte hai. Kuch time pahale AdSense ki policy thi ki blogger apne blog pat ek hi page me limited ad laga samete the but AdSense ne is policy ko khatm kar diya ab koi bhi blogger apne blog me unlimited ad lava sakta hai. But mai apko suggest karunga aap bilkul esa mat karna aap 7 ad se jyada mat lagana nahi to apki blog ki loading time bhut badh jayegi jisse apke blog par ane wale visitors ko problem hoti hai. 

Link Ad Kitane Types Ke Hote Hai? 

Vaise AdSense sabhi ad unit ko 7 size diya hai. Aap link ad ko bhi in 7 size me create kar sakte hai. Ye 7 size kya kya hai apko mai than niche de raha hun. 

1-Automatic Size (responsive link) 
2-700×15 (Horizontal large) 
3-468×15 (Horizontal medium) 
4-200×90 (Vertical X-Large) 
5-180×90 (Vertical Large) 
6-160×90 (Vertical medium) 
7-120×90 (Vertical small) 

Apko to pta hi hoga inami se sabse better responsive ad hai kyuki ye apna size khud space ke according manage kar leta hai. Agar aap ye soch rahe hai ki aap kaun sa ad la
Size use kare to mai apko suggest karunga aap responsive size ko hi select kare. Kyuki agar apke blog par mobile se jyada traffic aati hai to ye apka site ke liye best hai kyuki ye mobile version me bhi good look deta hai. Isiliye aap isi size ka ad use kare. 

Link Ad Lagane Se Kya Profit Hai? 

Link ad lagane se apke blog ka much profit hota hai. Jo mal apko than batane ja raha hun. 
increase Earning 
Ye ad use karne par apke blog post me lage ad par click hone ke chances bhadh jate hai kyuki is ad me apke blog post ke query hi show hote hai. Jisse koi n koi visitor jarur is ad ko open karta hai. Is tarah apke blog ki earning bhi thodi increase hoti hai. 

Link Ad Kaise Create Kare? 

To chaliye friend ab mai apko batata hun ki link ad aap kaise create kar sakte hai. 


Sabse pahale aap apne AdSense account ko open kare aur home ke bagal wale icon par click kare. Ab yhan apko bhut sara option dikhega. Inme se aap ads par click karke niche diye ad unit ko option par click kare. Aap image ko help le sakte hai.
Ab apke samne ek new page open hoga aap image me dekha sakaten hai. Ab aap new ad unit ko option par click kare.

Ab apke samne ek aur page open hoga aap than diye gye image me dekha sakaten hai. Isme se apko text and display ad ko option par click karna hai.

Ab aap soch rahe honge ki ye to pahle ki hi tarah sab kuch bta rahe hai. To patience rakhe link ad bhi isi option se bnaya jata hai. Name ki option me ad name fill kare

Jaise hi aap recommended ki option par click karenge to apko bhut sare option milenge ad unit bnane ke. Aap niche diye gaye image me dekh sakte hai.

Aap yhan link ads ko option ko select kare. Aur ab save and get ko option par click kar ad get prapt kar le. Aur is tarah aap apne website me link ad laga sakte hai. 

To friends apko ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye. Aur aapne meri site par apna time diya iske liye thank you. 

What is AutoCAD and how to learn?

What is AutoCAD and how to learn?

Do you know what AutoCAD is? This is what happens and where it is used. If you are from the field of engineering then you must have heard the word about AutoCAD. By the way AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program that is used to create blueprints for many things like buildings, bridges, and computer chips. This is a 2D and 3D computer aided drafting software application, which is used specifically to prepare blueprint for engineering projects of architecture, construction, and manufacturing.


Well, because of not having so much information about it in the internet, I thought today why you should give people full information about what AutoCAD is, so that all your doubts will remain clear till the end of the article. So let's begin without delay and know what is Autocad N Hindi.

What is AutoCAD? 

The full form of AutoCAD is Automatic Computer Aided Design. Its native file format is .dwg. This is a software that is used primarily to create engineering plans for building plan, architecture designs, construction and manufacturing. It is also called drafting application. This software was developed and marketed by Autodesk itself. For the first time, AutoCAD was released in December 1982 as a desktop app.

At that time they were run in microcomputers which had internal graphics controllers. Prior to the introduction of AutoCAD, most commercial CAD programs were run in mainframe computers or minicomputers. In it, every CAD operator (user) used to work in a separate graphics terminal. Since 2010, AutoCAD has also been released according to mobile- and web apps, which were known as AutoCAD 360. Professionals who use AutoCAD are called drafters.

History of AutoCAD

AutoCAD This technical term is derived from a program that started in 1977, and in 1979 it was released as Interact CAD. It was used to refer to MicroCAD in earlier Autodesk documents.

The first version of Autodesk was first demonstrated in 1982 Comdex and released in December. According to autodesk's flagship product, AutoCAD became the most popular and ubiquitous CAD program by March 1986, all throughout the world. Let's talk about it now, in the year 2019, the 33rd major version of AutoCAD was released for the Windows operating system.

How to be Best Computer for AutoCAD?

Not only AutoCAD but all the softwares which fall under the Autodesk umbrella are all resources intensive and therefore they require a powerful computer to run. Because many things have to be handled in AutoCAD such as all 3D modeling, civil and architectural tasks and so on. In such a situation it is very necessary to have a good computer system to run smoothly.

Where ordinary users and engineers require minimum specifications of the computer to run CAD, then if you do multitasking, then you need a high-end PC. This allows you to get very seamless and lag-free performance and your productivity will also increase.

Let's know about some of the same systems that can help you a lot:

  • MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar
  • Razer Blade
  • HP ZBook 17 G3
  • HP ZBook Studio G3
  • HP Specter Pro 13 G1
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P70
  • MSI WT72 6QK

How to Learn AutoCAD? 

AutoCAD is not a small course. If you want full knowledge then it would be better if you have any institution involved. Or you can also get help from YouTube. Here you have a video of a basic course, which will help you to teach it.

How many courses are related to AutoCAD?

There are many courses of AutoCAD, depending on which type of course you want to do. According to the time and expertise of the mean, they have been divided into the following types.

Courses of AutoCAD:

  • Advance Course in CADD (Three-month Certificate Program)
  • AutoCAD (two month certificate program)
  • Advanced AutoCAD Course (three-month Certificate Program)
  • Diploma in AutoCAD (Two Months Undergraduate Diploma Program)
  • Master Diploma in Architectural CADD (Two-month Postgraduate Diploma Program)

Introductory AutoCAD Course

Introductory courses provide basic knowledge of AutoCAD's interface, menu options, toolbars and operational commands to students. In this course students are given the opportunity to observe how professional drafting projects are created and executed. Along with this they are also educate about how to create their own 2D designs. In addition, learning, drawing, editing, layering and plotting are taught in Basic skills.

Intermediate AutoCAD Course

After getting started in the introductory instruction AutoCAD, the training of intermediate level AutoCAD skills is provided to students. There are many things in it like hatching, dimensioning, cross-references, tables and block attributes. Students are introduced in 3D designs and drafting skills are taught with which to help themselves prepare for advanced AutoCAD training.

Advanced AutoCAD Course

Advanced AutoCAD courses mainly focus on 3D designs, in which it is used to navigate navigation and modeling tools to create 3D drawings. Students learn many concepts in it such as lighting, mapping and solid-model creation. In the course, students are also trained about importing and scanning images of 3D models.

Graphics Creation of AutoCAD Course

This is a course that produces graphics production in which it is demonstrated how AutoCAD is used in illustration and web design projects. Students use AutoCAD jointly with other software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk Impression software. Talk about skills, then training of correcting photographs, manipulating, depth of field, and creation of special effects etc. is given.

AutoCAD Training Programs. 

AutoCAD courses are also available in AutoCAD and Autodesk certificate programs. Students have to complete these training programs online or from a traditional classroom format. There may be only a comprehensive course in the AutoCAD training programs, in which there is progressive instruction from basic level to advanced skill levels. These training programs have to be completed during a specific period.

Some of the most popular topics of AutoCAD that the Engineers prefer most.

  • 3D sketch and boolean operations3
  • 3D parts, UCS, Boolean operation, Solid Editing, etc.
  • Creating & Editing Text
  • Equations, Design Table & Configurations
  • Introduction, Walls, Flanges, Bending
  • Design Center & Tool Palettes
  • Inquiry tools & Parametric Drafting
  • Surface Creation & Modification tools
  • Sketch Visualization & Sketch Analysis
  • Drafting Settings
  • Dimensions & Dimension Styles
  • Geometry & Dimensional Constraints
  • Sketch Entities & Sketch Tools
  • Block, W-block, X-attach & X-Ref

Is not it necessary for AutoCAD to have Engineering?

There is no need to be an Engineering Degree for AutoCAD. For this you should have the understanding of running only computers. If you have a little technical knowledge then you can easily run AutoCAD software. Well if you have Engineering Degree, then it will be easier for you to run AutoCAD as it is already taught in the subject of Engineering. Together you can also help in the designs of some diagrams.

Can become architect? 

The work of architects is to present the designs of architectures such as buildings, houses, bridges, monuments. They work directly with clients so that they can fulfill all their needs and requirements. With this, they also develop the plans needed for construction. Most architects use AutoCAD only to prepare their designs.
Talk about jobs prospects Then the architects need in all the fields, whether they are naval architects, building design architects, they are government or private companies employed. Their salary depends on their skills and experience.

Can become interior designer? 

The main task of interior designers is to design the interior of buildings. When the building is ready, what will be its interior designs? Along with this, they have to take special care of building codes and other safety regulations while designing interiors. Most interior designers use this AutoCAD for designs because it is easy to use and together with it there are many features that guide the designers to use them properly. They get employment in many Private Constructional Companies and Real Estates Companies.

AutoCAD Key's Commands List

Let's know about the basic commands of some AutoCAD keys.

F1 Display Help
F3 Toggle object snap mode
F4 Toggle 3DOnnap
F5 Toggle Isoplane
F6 Toggle Dynamic UCS
F7 Toggle grid mode
F8 Toggle
F9 Toggle snap mode
F10 Toggle polar mode
F11 Toggle object snap tracking
F12 Toggle dynamic input mode
Ctrl + d Toggle coordinate display
Ctrl + g Toggle Grid
Ctrl + e Cycle isometric planes
Ctrl + f Toggle running object snaps
Ctrl + h Toggle Pick Style
Ctrl + Shift + h Toggle Hide pallets
Ctrl + i Toggle Coords
Ctrl + Shift + i Toggle Infer Constraints
Ctrl + 0 (zero) Clean Screen
Ctrl + 1 Property Palette
Ctrl + 2 Design Center Palette
Ctrl + 3 Tool palette
Ctrl + 4 Sheet Set Palette
Ctrl + 6 DBConnect Manager
Ctrl + 7 Markup Set Manager Palette
Ctrl + 8 Quick Calc
Ctrl + 9 Command Line
Ctrl + n For New Drawing
Ctrl + s to save drawing
Ctrl + o to Open Drawing
Ctrl + p to Plot dialog box
Ctrl + Tab to switch to next
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch to previous drawing
Ctrl + Page Up to switch from the previous tab to the current drawing
Ctrl + Page Down to switch to the current tab with the current drawing
Ctrl + q Exit
Ctrl + a Select all objects
Ctrl + c Copy object
Ctrl + x Cut object
Ctrl + v Paste object
Ctrl + Shift + c to copy in the clipboard with the base point
Ctrl + Shift + v to paste the data according to a block
Ctrl + z
Ctrl + y
Ctrl + [Cancel current command (or ctrl + \)
ESC Cancel for current command


I hope you have understood about how to learn AutoCAD. If you have any doubts about this article in your mind or you want some improvement in it then you can write down comments for it. With your thoughts, we will get a chance to learn something and improve it. If you have a good idea in Hindi or this has been taught to you, please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+,Whatsapp and Twitter to show your happiness and eagerness.

What is ZIP File and How to Build?

What is ZIP File and How to Build?

Many of you will be people who do not know what is this ZIP file, why people use zip files, how these ZIP files work and what type of zip file are there. Even then no matter what today we will get information about what a zip file is in this article.

You have often seen the zip option to download software on the website of the big movies or software on the website of the website, but due to lack of information you do not download the zip file, while this file is very useful for you. And the data is about saving.


As technology is increasing nowadays and now 4G has also come, people now easily download big movies, software and games. Even today, mobile data is not a problem, but still people do not download large files, because the problem is device storage or space.

But if you lack a storage or space, then you download the zip file, because it takes less space and is safe too. So if you have given a zip file download option on the website, then you also download the same file. Let's know what is ZIP File, how does it work and what is its type?

What is zip file (What is ZIP File in Hindi)

Zip is a system that packs one or more computer files in a file or folder, which takes less space than the real file and is also less in size. The zip file is also called the "archive" file.

The purpose of the zip file is to eliminate the problem of our space and storage and to protect the files together. Storing files in a zip file allows easy to store and transfer files. The zip file is compressed so it takes less space.

The zip file usually has a .ZIP extension. The most important feature of the ZIP file is that you can also put a password on it, so that your file is safe. Due to the low size you can easily share it on the Internet.

Why do zip file use? 

The zip file compresses the data, which reduces its size and can also be easily uploaded on the Internet. Even it can also be attached to Email. In both the internet and the email the zip file is stored in less time due to less space.

What is JavaScript and how to enable it? 

The biggest advantage of this is that if you download a zip folder you will get all kinds of files. Just like a zip file can be created for games, movies, software etc. and you can easily download it in the same file, so you will find all the things in the job in the same file.

Besides, if you have very large files and it is used rarely, you can keep them in a zip file by compressing it so that your space will also be reduced and if the files are more important then you Password can be forgotten.

How zip file works? 

Generally the zip file bundles multiple files in one container and reduces its size as small as possible. It can be reduced to 90%. Whenever you compress files, the compression program of zip file scans these files and compresses the information into small pieces. When you unzip these files, they bring these files back to the original form.

Types of Zip File

There are several types of ZIP file like RAR, ARJ, TAR etc. All of these work is the same, just the compression method is different.

How to create a zip file? 

To create your own ZIP file, first copy the files you need to compress to a folder. Then right-click on the folder and click Add to Archive. After that the new windows will come in which you make changes according to your wish and OK, your file will start to be compressed and compressed in zip file in a while.

How To Unzip ZIP File? 

WinZIP, WinRar, 7-ZIP etc. software is used to zip files. To create a zip file and open it any one of these software is required. To use these softwares, you must first install them in your system.


After reading this post, you must have come to know that what is a zip file (What is ZIP File in Hindi), why do people use it, how it works, what is the type of ZIP file, how to make it And what software are used to create a zip file.

If you have any doubts about this article in your mind or you want some improvement in it then you can write down comments for it. With your thoughts, we will get a chance to learn something and improve it. I hope you found all the information related to the ZIP file. Still, if you have to ask something then you can ask in the comment box. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends on social networks such as Facebook, Google+,Whatsapp and Twitter.

Brute Force Attacks Kya Hota Hai? Isase wordpress Ko Hack Hone Se Kaise Bachaye?

Brute Force Attacks क्या होता है? इससे wordpress  को हैक होने से कैसे बचाए ?

दोस्तों पिछले दिनों हिंदी की ही एक बड़ी वेबसाइट को किसी हैकर ने हैक कर लिया था । और उस वेबसाइट का सारा डेटा भी डिलिट कर दिया गया था । लेकिन बाद मे उस साईट को फिर से ऑनलाइन किया गया । ‌‌‌यह तो शुक्र रहा कि वेबसाइट के फाउंडर के पास डेटा बेकअप था ।वरना उसकी वर्षों की मेहनत पर पानी फिर जाता । यदि आप भी वर्डप्रेस का यूज करते हैं तो सावधानी बरतें । और सारे सिक्योरिटी का युज करें । इस लेख के अंदर हम बात करने वाले हैं Brute Force Attacks क्या होता है? और आप अपनी वेबसाइट को इस तरीके से हैक होने से कैसे बचा सकते हैं।


Brute Force Attack Kya Hota Hai?

Brute Force Attack किसी भी वेबसाइट को हैक करने का सबसे आसान तरीका है। हैकर इस तरीक का प्रयोग सबसे ज्यादा करते हैं। क्योंकि यह उनके लिए काफी ईजी रहता है।इसके अंदर हैकर किसी वेबसाइट के यूजर नेम और पासवर्ड का प्रयोग बार बार किया जाता है।वह तब तक अलग अलग पासवर्ड और यूजर नेम का प्रयोग करता रहता है। ‌‌‌जब तक कि वेबसाइट के अंदर लॉगइन नहीं हो जाता । ‌‌‌यह सब एक हैकर का बनाया हुआ रोबोट करता है। मतलब आपने कभी देखा हो तो वर्डप्रेस साइट के अंदर रोजाना कई हजार अटैक होते हैं। यह अटैक कोई यूजर नहीं करता है। वरन एक रोबोट करता है। ‌‌‌हैकर आपकी साईट की wp-login.php फाइल पर अटैक करते हैं। जिससे आपका सर्वर डाई हो जाता है। और हैकर आपकी वेबसाइट के अंदर घुस जाते हैं।

1-Simple Username और Password प्रयोग ना करें ?


आप यदि अपनी वेबसाइट को सुरक्षित रखना चाहते हैं तो सिंपल पासवर्ड का प्रयोग कतई नहीं करें । क्योंकि ऐसा करने से आपकी वेबसाइट हैकर आसानी से हैक करलेंगे ।वर्डप्रेस यूजर नेम को भी स्ट्रोंग बनाएं । ताकि हैकर आपकी वेबसाइट पर आसानी से अटैक ना कर सकें ।

2-Force Strong Password ‌‌‌

प्लगइन का प्रयोग करके आप अच्छे पासवर्ड जनरेट कर सकते हैं।कभी भी खुद का नाम वेबसाइट का नाम और अपना ईमेल एड्रस यूजर नेम के अंदर प्रयोग ना करें । क्योंकि इससे वेबसाइट हैक होने का सबसे ज्यादा खतरा रहता है।

3-Plugins का Use करें 

फोर्स अटैक के अंदर रोबोट बार बार आपकी website पर अलग अलग यूजर नेम और पासवर्ड की मदद से लॉग इन करने की कोशिश करता है। सो आप ip block करने के लिए प्लगइन का प्रयोग कर सकते हैं। जब कोई  आपकी वेबसाइट के अंदर लॉगइन करने की कोशिश करेगा तो यदि रियल यूजर नहीं होगा तो वह  block ‌‌‌हो जाएगा ।

plugins available to limit the number of login attempts
plugins you can use to block people from accessing wp-admin

4-Protect Your Server

आप wp-login.php या wp-admin को भी लॉक कर सकते हैं जोकि आपके सर्वर को प्रोटेक्ट करने मे काफी मददगार होता है। इसके लिए आपको अपनी .htaccess फ़ाइल में कुछ कोड को जोड़ने की आवश्यकता होगी। अपने wp-login.php फ़ाइल और wp-admin फ़ोल्डर की सुरक्षा करने वाले पासवर्ड आपके सर्वर पर एक अतिरिक्त परत जोड़ सकते हैं। क्योंकि wp-admin की रक्षा करने वाले पासवर्ड किसी भी प्लगइन को तोड़ सकते हैं जो फ्रंट एंड पर एजाक्स का इस्तेमाल करता है, यह आमतौर पर wp-login की रक्षा करने के लिए पर्याप्त है

‌आप यह फाइल बनाने के लिए  htpasswd generator. का प्रयोग कर सकते हैं ‌‌‌यदि आप VPS or dedicated server का प्रयोग करते हैं तो आपको अपने सर्वर की सुरक्षा पर ध्यान देने की आवश्यकता है।

5-Limit Access wp-admin by IP address 

आप वर्डप्रेस साइट को एक आईपी ऐड्रस पर फिक्स कर सकते हैं। जब कोई यूजर अलग आईपी से आपकी वेबसाइट के अंदर लॉगइन करने की कोशिश करेगा तो ब्लॉक हो जाएगा । लेकिन ध्यान दें । आपका कम्यूटर आपके आईपी को बार बार बदल भी सकता है। जिसको डाइनेमिक आईपी कहा जाता है।


आप विशिष्ट देशों से उत्पन्न आईपी-पते ब्लॉक करना चुन सकते हैं। इंटरनेट पर ब्लॉकलिस्ट उपलब्ध हैं जो आप डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं। कुछ शैल-स्क्रीप्टिंग के साथ, आप तब iprables के साथ ब्लॉकरुल लोड कर सकते हैं


यदि आप मॉडेसैक्यिटी का उपयोग करते हैं, तो आप फ्रैमेलोस से सलाह का पालन कर सकते हैं - वर्डप्रेस के खिलाफ ब्रूट बल लॉगिन को रोकना। इसके लिए आपके सर्वर पर रूट स्तरीय एक्सेस की आवश्यकता होती है, और आपको अपने वेबहोस्ट की सहायता की आवश्यकता हो सकती है। ‌‌‌आप का प्रयोग करते हैं तो आप इस बारे मे कस्टमर केयर के अंदर बात कर सकते हैं।

8-WordPress Brute Force Attacks – December 2017


दिसम्बर 2017 की एक रिपोर्ट के अनुसार । इस महिने के अंदर वर्डप्रेस पर सबसे ज्यादा brute force attack हुए हैं।  Wordfence CEO के अनुसार 14 मिलियन अटैक पर घंटे हुए हैं। जोकि काफी ज्यादा हैं। ‌‌‌उनलोगों की वेबसाइट अधिक हैक हो रही हैं जोकि सिंपल पासवर्ड का प्रयोग कर रहे हैं।  कुछ रिसर्चकर्ताओं ने सिंपल पासवर्ड की सूची भी जारी की है। इन पासवर्ड के अंदर कई प्रकार के पासवर्ड हैं। जैसे किसी का नाम व 12345, abc 123 इस प्रकार के सिंपल पासवर्ड का प्रयोग कतई नहीं करें ।
जैसा की हम आपको पहले ही बता चुके हैं brute force attacks के अंदर हैकर कई मिलियन पासवर्ड का कोमिनेसबन बनाता है। और फिर उन सभी का यूज करता है। खास कर लॉगइन पेज को इसमे टारगेट किया जाता है। Hide my Wp Plugin. ‌‌‌का प्रयोग करके आप अपने लॉगइन पेज को हिडन भी कर सकते हैं।

Guest Post-

ye mera1st  guest post hai. Website par.

Mobile Se Blogging Karke Success Honge Ya Nahi ? Important Tips

Mobile Se Blogging Karke Success Honge Ya Nahi ?Important Tips

blogging aap to janate hi honge Pure world me Maximum log hai jo blogging kar rahe hai.blogging logo ka passion ho gaya hai.kyoki ye bahut hi better online work hai is work dvara hm dusaro ki help karte hai aur sath hi sath hm bloggers earning bhi kar lete hai.but kuch hi log blogging me success hote hai aur top blogger banate hai.isame apko bahut hi mehnat karni hoti hai.blogging se paisa kama lena hi blogging nahi hoti aur success nahi hote isake liye apko aur aage badhate rhana chahiye kyoki success ki koi limit nahi hoti hai.isiliye aap ye bat mind se nikal de ki earning karna apka success hai apka success ek better aur top blogger bnana hai. aapko to pata hi hoga isame bahut se ese blogger hai mobile se blogging karte hai aur ye soch soch kar ghabara rahe hote hai ki mobile se blogging karke ve log success honge ya nahi.aur bahut se aur jo top blogger hai ve log laptop se blogging karte aiye janate hai ki mobile se blogging karke success honge ya nahi.vaise to kuch bhi impossible nahi hai.agar aap mehnat karoge to apke liye subkuch possible ho jayega bs apko apne target par dhyan dena hoga.

mobile se blogging karke success honge ya nahi

Mobile Se Blogging Karne Ke Fayda

agar apke pass smartphone hai to aap usase blogging kar sakate se blogging karne ke kya fayada hai.aiye janate hai.
agar apko blogging me success aur top blogger ke list me ana hai to mobile aur laptop dono ki use karna hoga.kyoki mobile bhi apki bahut help karta hai blogging me.

  • agar aap mobile se blogging karte hai karne se aap kahi bhi ho asani se post likh kar publish kar sakate ho.isame apko koi problem nahi ati hai.
  • jis tarah laptop me picture ko design karte ho usi tarah mobile me bhi picture ko edit kar sakate hai.isake liye apko kuch apps ki jarurat padegi.
  • aap mobile se bhi template ka coding kar sakate hai isame bhi apko utani problem nahi hogi.bas apko coding karne ke liye kuch app ko download karna hoga.

agar aap soch lete hai ki aap mobile se blogging kar lenge to aap jarur kar sakate ho.suru suru me apko problem hogi usake bad jab aap mobile ko fast use karna sikh jaoge to mobile se bhi blogging kar sakate hai.aur success bhi ho sakate hai.aur bro mai bhi smartphone se hi blogging kar rha hun mere pass lappy nahi hai.aur aap dekh sakate hai mere blog par 125+ post bhi hai vo bhi mobile se blogging karke.muje 2 month ho gaye hai blogging start kiye hue.aur muje bhi bahut problem hue but maine har nahi mana aur blogging ke sath apni study bhi kar raha hun.mai ek part time blogger hun.

Kya Mobile Se Blogging Karke Success Honge Ya Nahi?

bahut se new blogger ke mn me hoga jo mobile se blogging karte mai unako bata deta hun ki vo log mobile se blogging karke success jarur honge agar mehnat karenge to.but agar aap only blogging par depend hai aur aap isi se earning karna chahate hai aur aap proffessional blogger bnana chahate hai to apko mobile ke sath hi sath laptop ki jarurat hai.kyoki ye apko professional blogger bna sakata se bhi aap ek better blogger bn sakate ho but apko bahut mehnat karni hogi.aur agar part time blogging karte hai to aap mobile se blogging kar sakate hai.agar apko lagata hai aap mobile se blogging kar sakate hai to koi problem nahi aap jarur kar loge aur success bhi hoge.mai bhi part time blogging karta hun kyoki mai study bhi kar rha hun aur muje part time hi blogging karna hai isiliye muje laptop ki jarurat nahi hai.
but agar apko professional blogger bnana hai to apko laptop ki jarurat hai.

Mobile Se Blogging Karke Me Hone Wali Problems

agar aap top blogger bnana chahate hai to apko mobile se nahi laptop se blogging karna chahiye mobile se blogging karne me apko bahut hi problem hogi agar aap unahe manage kar lete ho to koi problem nahi hai.but kuch ese work hote hai blogging me jo mobile me jald thic nahi kar sakate hai.

  • Agar aap wordpress user hai to aap mobile se wordpress ko achche se manage nahi kar sakate hai.apko bahut hi problem hogi aur time bhi waiste hoga.
  • Coding karne me problem hoti hai.aap mobile se jald coding complete nahi kar sakate ho.
  • Keyword Set-aap post me achche se keyword ko set bhi nahi kar sakate hai.isake liye apko thodi problem hongi.
  • aap mobile se nahi pata kar sakate ho ki kisi website par comment karne se dofollow backlink de rahi hai ya nahi.

to friend mai ek bar fir kahunga agar apko top blogger bnana hai to aapko laptop ki jarurat padegi.aap mehnat karoge to apko saflata jarur milegi.apko meri ye post kaisi lagi hme jarur bataye.

Top Hindi Website List In India

Top Hindi Website List In India

blogging kya hai ye bloggibg.aap ko to pata hi par jitani bhi janakariya prapt hoti hai.vo kisi na kisi website se hi milati hai.Aur is tarah logo ko unake question ka answer mil jata hai.Blogging logo ka passion hai dusaro ki help karna.aur iis tarah vo log online money earn kar rahe hai.bahut se website hai but hm yhan only un website ki bat kar rahe hai jo hindi,hinglish me janakariya share kar rahe hai.jab bhi koi new visitor blog bnata hai to usako achche se suggestion dene wali ki khoj karni hoti hai kyoki alag alag website par jane par vo confuse aur bahut hi disturb hote hai ki koi kuch kahata hai to koi kuch.isiliye aaj mai is post me apke liye jinhone new website bnai hai blogger ya wordpress par unaki help ke liye.better website ki list de rahe hai aap in websites par jakar aap blogging ki achchi jankariya prapt kar sakati hai.

list of hindi website in india

List of Hindi Websites

jab bhi koi blogging start karta haito usako utani jankari nahi hoti hai bloggung ke bare me.mai yhan kuch hindi website ki list share kar rahan hun aap in websites par jakar achchi jankari le sakate hai.


ye website india ki sabse best website website ko eight years ho gaye hai.2010 me is website ko Utttar Pradesh state ke district gorakhpur ke ek person jinka name Gopal Mishra hai ne bnai website par apko motivation se lekar health tips,story,aur all great person ki biography,great persons ke thought sab kuch apko is website par mil bhi hindi website india ki sabse best number-1 website hai.

ye website 2015 me Rajsthan ke alwer city me rahane wale Jumedeen Khan ne bnai website par apko blogging se related,online bussiness,yutube and all net tricks,motivation etc ki jankariya hindi me mil bhi india ki topper list ki hindi website hai.

is website ko himanshugrewal ji ne bnai hai ye bhi ek top hindi website website par apko khane ki receipe,english speaking,motivation and health tips etc ki jankariya mil jayegi.


is website ko Aman Banshiwal ne bnai website par bhi apko bahut kuch janane ko milega.

is website 2016 ko Bihar Ke araria district ke ek ladake ne jisaka name Arshad Noor hai ne banai bhi ek best website hai.yhan apko blogging ki jankari hindi me mil jayegi. 

is website ko Sharuf Khan Ne banai bhi ek best hindi website hai.

is website ko vijendra Rajput ne bnai hai ye computer science se diploma kiye hue bhi top hindi website me se ek hai.


ye bhi hindi website hai isako manish ne banai par bhi apko blogging se related janakariya mil jayegi.

is website ke founder Surendra Singh ji hai.

is website ko raghav Triphathi ne 2016 me nbai thi ye ek best hindi website hai.

is site ko Rohit Meveda ne bnai hai ye bhi ek best hindi website hai.

is website ko Amit Kumar ne bnaya hai.

ye bhi ek best site hai is site ko Remesh Prajapati ne bnai hai.aur ye bina domain name ke site ko chalate hai.

Ve Website Jo Grow Kar Rahi Hai.

yhan mai un websites ke list share kar rha hun jo abhi grow kar rahi hai jinako abhi success nahi mili hai.


ye meri website hai jis per aap is post ko padh rahe apne success ki or badh rahe hai.mere name ARIF ANSARI hai.mere is website par blogging,love tips and all net tricks social media etc ki janakari di jati hai.aap niche categories me dekh sakate hai.

is website ko ravi ne bnai bihar ke rahane wale hai.

is website ko Kuldeep Singh ne 2017 me bnai Panjab Ke rahane wale hai. 

is website ko Solanki vipul ne banai bhi website growing point par hai.

to friends yhan maine kuch website ke link ko share kiye hai.mai janata bahut se website chut gaye hai jinake bare me muje nahi pata hai.isiliye aap comment me apne website ki link bhi add kare taki mai apke website ki bhi link ko is post me bata sake.apne apna kimati time diya mere post ko padhane me isiliye Thanks.

Blogger Blog Ka Address Kaise and Kyo Change Kare?

Blogger Blog Ka Address Kaise And Kyo Change Kare?

jab kisi ko suru suru me pata chalata hai ki ve log apna internate par website banakar apni knowledge ko share kar sakate hai.jisase logo ki help bhi ho jati hai aur jab vo apne webaite par better perform dikhate hai to google adsense ek option deta hai ad lagane ka jise vo verify karke apne blog par ad lagate hai.aur jab koi visitor un ad par click karta hai to unaki earning hoti hai.jab ye bat pata chal jati hai logo ko to isase attract hokar blog banate hai.blogger plateform par.aur blogging karna start kar dete hai.aur post bhi karne lagate hai.but kuch time baad jab unako blogging ki kuch jankari ho jati hai to unako lagata hai ki unake website ka address kuch alag bahut achchi address rakhani chahiye thi.isiliye ve sochate hai ki ab vo apne blog ka address kaise change kare.isiliye aaj mai apko bataunga ki blogger blog ka address kaise change kare.

change blog address

Blog Address Change Karne Ka Reasion?

blog address change kyo kare isake bhi reasion ho sakate hai.
agar aap jab starting me blogging start karate hai to aap bina kuch soche samajhe blog ka address rakh dete hai.aur bad me jab unako samajh me aata hai ki usane apne blog ka address achcha nahi rkha hai ya unake post se related nahi hai.isiliye ve log address change karate hai.

  • example:-man lete hai kisi ne jb koi blog bnaya to usaka address ye likha how to samajh me aata hai but ye 9456 number to address me nahi hona chahiye.isiliye isako change to karana padega hi.
  • agar man lete hai apne address rkha hai but aapko is topic ke bare me pata hi nahi hai aur blog me blogging par ya kisi aur subjects par post kar rahe ho to is address ko change karana to padega.

yesi hi kuch reasion honge apke blog change karne ke.

Blogger Blog Ka Address Kaise Change Kare?

blog address change karne ke liye aap niche diye gaye tips ko follow kare.

  1. sabse pahale aap apne blogger ke dashboard >> Setting >> Basic setting ki option par jaye.ab aapke samane ek page open hoga ab aap isame Publishing ke niche Blog Address Ki option ko khoje.aap image ki help le sakate hai.ab aap dekh sakate hai ki blog address ke samane aapke blog ka address likha hoga aur wahan edit ka option diya hoga aap edit ki option par click karke apne blog ka address change kar sakate hai.

    edit blogger blog address

  2. jab aap apne blog ka address change karenge to jo naya address bna rahe hai vo available hoga tabhi aap vaisa address bna sakate hai nahi available hoga to aap koi aur address likhiye aur jab address ke niche likhega ki this blog url available to aap address ko save kar sakate ho.

Is prakar aap apne blogger blog ka address change kar sakate friends apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye.aur post ko apne friends ke sath share jarur kare.

Blogger Blog Theme Ka Backup Kaise and Kyo Kare?

Blogger Blog Theme Ka Backup Kyo and Kaise Kare?

aaj ke is world me sabhi log apne goal par focus kar rahe hai.kuch alag karna chahate hai.aur sabhi log bahut aage badhana chahte hai.isi tarah blogging ka work hai.bahut se log blogging kar rahe hai aur success ho gaye hai.aur kuch log apne success ki sidhiyo par aage badh rahe hai.aur bahut se log abhi blogging karna starat kiye hai.blogging ek online work hai apko to pata hi hoga.isame hm log dusaro ki help karte hai.jinko jis topic par knowledge hota hai vo usi topic par blogging karta hai aur usi se related post ko share karta hai.Aur is tarah all bloggers sabhi logo ki help karte hai.aaj ka mera topic hai blogger blog ka theme ka backup kaiae karte hai.

Blogger Blog Theme Ka Backup Kaise and Kyo Kare?

Blogger Blog Theme Ka Backup Kyo Kare?Isase Kya Profit Hai?

jab aap ya koi bhi blogger apne blog ki theme ko edit karta hai to usame mistake hone ke possibility hoti hai aur agar aapne code ko galat laga diya to apka theme ki coding khrab ho jayegi aur us theme ko aap save nahi kar paoge.ese me aap kya karoge.apki mehanat khrab ho jayegi.isiliye is mistake se bachane ke liye apko apne blog theme ki coding me edit karne se pahale apko apne theme ka backup kar lena chahiye.taki edit me mistake hone par aap apne theme ko dubara upload kar sake.
new visitors ko blogging ke bare me itana kuch nahi pata hota hai isiliye new visitor ko suggest karta hun ki vo log jayada se jyada post padhe taki unako blogger ko manage karne me koi problem na ho.aur kabhi bhi ghabrakar blogging chhodne ke bichar na kare.aap mehanat karoge to success ko karur prapt karoge.isiliye himmat na kare.apne work par dhyan de earning par nahi.aur bro mai bhi abhi success nahi hua hun dhire dhire hm aage badh rahe friends ab topic par aate hai.

Blogger Theme Ka Backup Kaise Download Kare?

blogger theme ko backup lene ke liye nicge diye steps ko follow kare.

  • sabse pahale aap Blogger >> Dashboard >> Themepar jaye.theme ki option par click karne ke bad ek window open  hoga jhan apko right side me upar ki taraf restore/backup ki option par click karana hai.aap niche diye gaye image ki help le sakate hai.

Blogger Theme backup Kaise Kare

  • Backup/restore ke option par click karne ke bad ek aur page open hoga yhan apko Download Theme ki option par click karna hai.

Download Blogger Theme

ab apke blog ka theme ka backup apke device me ho jayega.aap is prakar apne blogger theme ka backup le sakate hai.

  1. blogger-custom-domain-par-free-me-https-kaise-enable-kare
  2. bachcho-ko-body-ki-private-part-ki-janakari-kaise-de?
  3. ladaka-pyar-karta-hai-ya-nahi-kaise-pata-kare?
  4. blogger-blog-ko-permanently-delete-kaise-kare?

To friends apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye aur is post ko social media par apne friends ke sath share jarur kare.

Blogger Blog Ko Permanently Delete Kaise Kare?

Blogger Blog Ko Permanently Delete Kaise Aur Kyo Kare?

Hi Friends
you know what is blogging? Is pure world me bahut se log blogging kar rahe hai aur uname maximum log blogging ko chod dete hai.blogging karna hai to man se karo success jarur hoge.kyoki sabko pata hai kisi bhi field me koi tabhi success hoga jab vo hard work karega.apne kam se love karega earning par nahi apne work par focus karega.bahut se to blogger ese hote hai jo blogging start karte hai aur two ya three month me earning nahi kar pate hai to blogging chhod dete hai.saflata ko pane ke liye apko safal logo ki tarah hi work karna padega tabhi aap success honge.aaj hm is post me batane wale hai ki blogger blog se apne website ko hmesa ke liye delete kaise karte hai.
ab ye to koi bhi nahi janta ki koi website ko kyo delete karna chahta hai kyoki sabka alag alag reasion hota hai.jisake karan vo log apne website ko delete karna chahate hai.
success hona hai to success logo ki tarah hi hme work karna padega.aur ha kisi bhi work ko start karne se pahale thousands bar soch lo aur ek bar decide kar liya ki ye work hme karna hai to kisi bhi keemat par apne aim ko complete kare chahe kitani bhi problem kyo na ho.
blogger blog ko delete kaise kare

to friends agar aap apne blog ko delete karna chahate hai to is post ko padhe.but ye work bahut azib lagata hai ki aapne utani mehnat ki hai aur ab us mehnat ko barbad kar rhe hai apne website ko delete kar rahe hai.apne har kaise man liye kya aap blogging me har gaye nahi.agar aap har ki wajah se esa kar rahe hai to bilkul esa na kare apne bahut mehnat ki hai is website ke liye use delete na kare.safal wahi hota hai jo sabse jyada fail hota hai isiliye chahe kitani bhi bar aap kyo na fail ho but kabhi bhi har na mane us galati ko pata kare jisake wajah se aap fail hue mistake ko sahi kijiye aur work karte rahe apko safalata jarur milega.ab topic par aate hai.

Blogger Blog Ko Delete Kaise Karte Hai?

agar aap sach me esa karna chahate hai to niche diye gaye tips ko follow kare.

blog ko delete karne par apka website dhire dhire search engine me show hona band ho dosto apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye aur pist ko bhi share jarur kare.

Blogger Blog Ki Content Ka Backup Kaise Kare?

Blogger Blog Ki Content Ka Backup Kaise Aur Kyo Karte Hai?

Blogger blog ko control karna bahut hi asan hai.aur post ko bhi delete bahut asani se kar sakate hai.but wordpress pr itana easy nahi hota aur wordpress me bogger se jyada unlimited features hai but blogger me limit me features hai.isiliye agar apka blog par adult content payi gi ho ya seo ko follow nahi kar rha ho to google apke blog ko asani se block kar sakata hai.aur is tarah apke achche aur issue wale sabhi post bhi khatm ho jata hai aur apka mehnat par pani phir jata hai.isiliye blogger blog me ek esa feature hai jisake dvara aap apne blog ke post ka backup le sakate ho.

blogger blog ki content ka backup kaise kare

Blogger Blog Ka Backup Kyo Karo?

  1. agar apse apka post delet ho jata hai to aap us post ko phir se la sakate ho agar blog ka backup kiya gaya ho to.
  2. yadi koi hacker attact hota hai tabhi bhi aap apne blog ko bacha sakate apke liye bahut hi important hota hai.

isiliye aaj ke post me mai apko btaunga ki blogger blog ka content ka backup kaise lete hai.

Post Content Ka Backup Kb Kare?

aap soch rahe honge post ka backup kb jab aapke blog par 5new post ho jate hai to blog ka backup lena chahiye.phir jab 5 post aur ho jayenge to blog ka backup le le aur purane backup kiye gaye file ko delete kar de kyoki apne ab ek aur bar backup le liya hai.Aur ese hi aap apne blog ka backup le liya ek minute ka kam hai apko isame koi laparwahi nahi karni chahiye.nahi to agar kuch delete ho gaya to apka mehnat khtm ho jayega.

Blogger Post Ka Backup Lene Se Kya Profit Hai

agar aap apne blog ka backup rakhe honge to post ke delete ho jane par bhi dubara post ko blogger blog me import kar sakate hai.aur import karne ke bad apka post phir blog me aa jayega.isiliye aap apne blog content ka backup jarur rakhe.
agar google dvara kisi problem ki vajah se apke blog ko block kar deta hai ya apse hi apka website delete ho jata hai tabhi bhi apka sabhi post apke pass rah jayenge aur aap phir se usi domain se website suru kar sakate ho.
aaiye janate hai backup kaise karte hai.

Blog Post Content Ka Backup Kaise Kare?

aaj ke is world me sab koi bahut aage jana chahata hai koi bhi kisi se piche nahi rhana chahta apko bhi comptit karna hoga apko bhi aage badhana hai aur apko bhi blogging me success hona carry on hard work aap mehnat se blogging ka kam kare aur seo ko follow kare.ek din aapko aur mere ko bhi jarur saflata milegi.
ab hm topic par ate hai.

  • blogger block ke post ka backup karne ke liye Sabse pahle Blogger >> Dashboard >> Setting >> Other par jaye.
  • aap blog ke setting ke option par click kar other setting par jaye.usake bad apko sari setting dhikhegi.aur usame upar hi likha hoga Import / Backup content apko backup content ki option par click karna hai.aap niche diye gaye image ki help le sakate hai.

    blog ka backup kaise kare

  • backup content ki option par click karne par ek aur window open hoga yhan apko SAVE TO YOUR COMPUTER ki option par click karna hai.aap niche diye gaye image me dekh sakate hai.

    blogger blog ka backup kaise kare

aap is tarah apne blog ke post ka backup le sakate hai aur post ko save rakh sakate hai aur jarurat padne par posts ko import kar sakate hai.
to friends apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye aur post ko share karna na bhule.

Blogging Aur Adsense Ki Complete Guide in Hindi

Blogging Aur Adsense Ki Complete Guide in Hindi

Blogger & Adsense Ki Complete Guide

Blogging ke bare me aap log to janate hi honge.jab bhi koi nya blogger blog bnata hai to usako blogging ki jankari nahi hoti hai.isiliye usako bahut hi problem hoti hai.blogging start karne me.muje bhi kuch month bloghing karte hue ho gaye hai maine bahut kuch sikha hai blogging karke aur maine un sabhi problems ko face kiya hai jisaki problem new blogger ko hoti hai.isiliye aaj mai apko blogging aur adsense ki full setting ke bare me bataunga.
jab bhi koi blogger blog bnata hai to usake problem ka solution jald mil nahi pata hai.kyoki sabhi post ek jagah milenge to nahi isiliye unako bahut hi problem hoti hai.blogging logo ki passion hoti hai ki dusaro ki help website par tips share karj
ke.aur is tarah ve log isase paise bhi kmate hai.blogging ka ek ye bhi maksad a hai ki mai blogging karke jyada se jyada paisa kama saku.but sabse pahle apko earning par nahi learning par focus karna chahiye.jab aap better work karoge to better traffic milegi aur jb traffic hogi to earning to hogi hi.isiliye aap sabse pahle apne blog ka design usako full seo setting kar le.usake bad post likhana suru kar de.

jab bhi koi nya visitor blog bnata hai to usako bahut problem hoti hai blogging aur adsense ko samajhane me.isiliye mai yhan do link de rha hu in link par apko blogging & adsense ki full basic setting ki janakari mil friends aap in links par jakar puri post ko open karke padh lo apko sab chij ki jankari ho jayegi.

  1. Blogging me success hona itana easy to nahi hai apko bahut hi mehnat karni hogi.kyoki aaj is world me comptetion bahut hi jyada ho gaya hai.aur apko better karna hai to un sabhi logo se better work karna hoga.
  2. blogging me hme daily post karna hoga kyoki comptetion bahut jyada ho gaya hai isiliye apko bhi daily post karna hoga.taki apke blog par visitor bane rahe.aur apko better quality ka unique post karna hota hai tabhi aapka blog website first page par show hoga.
  3. blogging me apko bahut hi jyada patience rakhane ki jarurat hoti hai.kyoki isame achcha kabhi khrab traffic aata hi rhata hai but jaise jaise aap unique post publish karte jayegenge.visitor apke blog par attract hote jayenge aur vo apke blog ki daily visitor bn jayenge.
  4. har na mano ek bar jab aapne blogging karne ke liye than liya hai to blogging se kabhi bhi har na mano.blogging me bahut se problem ati hai apko usako dt ke samana karna hai.kyoki bina problem ke life ko jina maja nahi ata hai.
  5. Hard Working apko jis topic par post karni chahiye us topic par apko puri research kar leni chahiye taki aap apne post me jyada se jyada knowlege de sako.

In dono link ko open karke ek ek karke aap kuch din me puri post ko padh jao apko blogging ki aur adsense ki jankari ho jayegi.
to friends apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye aur kabhi bhi koi problem ho blogging se related to comment me puch le.

Blogger Custom Domain Par Free Me Https Kaise Enable Kare?

Blogget Custom Domain Par Https Free Me Kaise Enable Kare?

apne dhekha hoga bahut se website ke url ke samane https likha hota hai.jaise Support me India, Godady, etc.
aur aap logo ne dhekha hoga apke aur bahut se website ke url ke pahale http likha hota hai.aap soch rahe honge ye https aur http kya aaiye apko batate hai ki ye kya hote hai.aur https aur http me kya antar hota hai.aur isako website par enable karne se apko kya kya fayede honge.

https blogger custom domain par kaise enable kare

What is HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP [ hyper text transfer protocal ] Ye ek protocal hai jo servour aur visitor ke bich relation bnata hai.jab koi website http ka use karta hai to us website par agar koi visitor apni information deta hai to usake information ko hacker hack kar sakata hai kyoki vo information text ke rup me hoti hai.

Isiliye kuch time bad http ka updated rup aaya jise HTTPS kha jata hai.HTTPS sabhi data ko text se encryt data me rkhata hai.aur jab koi visitor kisi website par apni information share karta hai to vo encrypted data me hota hai isiliye is data ko hackers hack nahi kar pate hai aur agar hackers hack bhi kar lete hai to vo information ko padh nahi pate hai kyoki vo encrypted data ke rup me hoti hai.
to friends aap bhi agar online purchase etc kisi bhi site par apni information share karte ho to sabse pahale usake url ko check karo kya vah site https enable kiya hai ki nahi.

HTTPS Kyo Enable Kare?

Agar aap apni site ko bhi safe rkhana chahate hai to apko apne site par https enable karna chahiye.isase apki website ki hack karne ka bhi khatra nahi rhata hai.
aur sabse badi baat ye bhi 2018 me samane aayi hai ki google bhi 50% result me https enable website ko ranking jyada deta hai kyoki ye websites safe hoti hai.isiliye apko https enable karna chahiye isake liye apko ssl certificate buy karna hota hai.
But agar apki website blogger par hai to aap free me https enable kar sakate ho apni website par.pahale ye keval blogspot domain ke liye hi free tha but ab custom domain ke liye bhi free me available kar diya hai.

Blogger Custom Domain Par Free Me HTTPS enable Kaise Kare?

to bloggers agar aap bhi apni website ko safe rkhana chahate hai to is topic ko follow aaiye janate hai https kaise enable kare.

  • STEP-1 Sabse pahale aap blogger >> Setting par jaye.usake bad Aap other par click kare.ab apke samane ek window open hoga.aap niche diye gaye image me dekh sakate hai.ab aap yhan User Draft ko yes kar dijiye.

blogger user darft setting

ab itana setting karne ke bad ab aage badhate hai.

  • STEP-2 Ab aap basic setting par click kare usake baad niche diye gaye image ke anusar HTTPS AVAILIBILITY ko yes kar dijiye.ab kuch second wait kijiye ab apka blog automatic refress hoga.ab aapne https available ko yes to kar diya ab apko ek aur setting karni hai. 
    blogger https setting

  • STEP-3 Https availability ko yes kar dene par brouser me dubara ko open karke esi setting ko open kare aur ab https redirect ke samane tick kar de.ab aapne https enable ki setting apne custom domain par kai liya hai.

HTTPS Enable Karne Ke Baad Kya Kare?

  • https enable karne ke baad apko apni website ko dubara all search engine me submit karna hoga.nahi to apki traffic me problem hogi.

to friends https enable kar lene ke baad apka website ab ekdm safe hai aur aap apne website ko brouser me open karke dekh sakate hai https likha hoga aur usase pahale logo par ek locker dikh raha hoga jaise aap apne brouser me dekh sakate hai mere website ke logo par dikh raha hai.isaka matlb ab apka website safr friends apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye aur post ko share karna na bhule.

Colours Ke Html Code

HTML Code of Colour

html codes of colour

Jo log blogging karte hai unako apne site ki design ke liye colour ke Html code ka use karna hota hai. Coding karne ke liye.yhan maine kuch important colours ke HTML code Diye hai.

  • Red#FF0000
  • Dark Green #006400
  • Blue #0000FF
  • Yellow #FFFF00
  • Green #008000
  • Voilet #EE82EE
  • Pink #FFC0CB
  • Brown #A52A2A
  • White #FFFFFF
  • Maroon #800000
  • Sky Blue #87CEEB
  • Silver #C0C0C0
  • Grey #808080
  • Orange #FFA500
  • Dark Red #8B0000
  • Indigo #4B0082
  • Green #008000
  • Brown #A52A2A
  • Light Pink #FFB6C1
  • Light Green-#90EE90
  • Black #000000
  • Chocolate #D2691E
  • Dark Blue #00008B
  • Gold #FFD70
  • Light Blue #ADD8E6

Blog Post Ko Google+ Par Automatically Kaise Share Kare?

Blog Post Ko Google Plus Par Automatically Kaise Share Kare

blogging hmara passion hai aur aap logo ka help karna hme bahut achha lagata log blogging kar rahe hai unako time bahut chahiye hota hai blogging karne ke liye.jab bhi koi blogger blogging karta hai aur post likh kar publish karta hai to usako post ko sabhi social media par share karna padta hai isame usaka kuch time lag jata hai.aur aap janate hi honge apke aur hmare blog par jyada traffic social media se hi aati hai isiliye sabhi bloggers apne og post ko sabhi social media par share karte hai taki unake blog ki traffic better ho.isiliye maine ye apke liye lekar aaya hu jisame btaya gaya hai ki blog post ko automatically kaise share kare.isase apka time bhi bach jayega aur post bhi google plus profile par share ho jayega.Agar aap part time blogging kar rahe hai to ye apke liye bahut hi important hai.

google plus icon

Post Ko Atumatically Google Plus Profile Par Kaise Share Kare?

blogger me ye features hai jisake dvara aap ye setting kar sakate ho.jisase post automatic share ho jayega.
to es setting ko karne ke liye niche diye gaye steps ko follow kare.
1-sabse pahle aap apne dashboard >> Settngs >> Post,comment,share par jaye.

blog post ko google plus par auto share kaise kare

2-isake baad ek last me dikh rahe option Share To Google +
ki option par apko kuch setting karni hai yhan do option dikh raha hai.

A-auto share new published post to your google+ profile

isame bataya gaya hai ki kya aap automatic share karna chahte hai jb koi post publish hota hai.agar aap auto share enable karna chahte hai to isake samane yes tick kar dijiye.

B-Promt to Share After posting

aur agar aap post ko auto share nahi karna chahte hai to yhan no par tick kar dijiye.

to dosto is tarah aap apne post ko auto share kar sakate hai.but blogger me only yahi feature hai post ko auto share karne ka aur koi features nahi tarah apka jyada time bhi waste nahi hoga.aur aap apna blogging ka work achhe se kar paoge.friends apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye aur post ko apne friends ke sath jarur share kare.

Blogger Custom Redirect Error 404 Page Not Found Kaise Set Kare

Blogger Custom Redirect Error 404 (Page not found) Kaise Set Kare

jab koi visitor apke blog post ko kisi glat url se open karta hai to apka blog open nahi hota hai aur 404 page not found ka error aata hai.jaise agar kisi post ko apne delete kar diya hai to agar us post ko koi visitor open karta hai to ye error show hota hai jisake wajah se vo apke website se vapas chla jata aaj is post me yahi btane wala hun ki page not found error  ko kaise thic kare.

custom 404 error kaise set kare

bahut se new blogger is topic par dhyan nahi dete hai but aap ye nahi janate isase apke blog traffic par bhi effect padta hai apke blog ki traffic km hoti hai.agar ese hi apke blog ki jyada url link ko change kar denge to ye error adhik ho jayega jisase apke blog ki traffic bahut km hoti bloggers aap es error ko ok kar lijiye taaki jab bhi koi bhi visitor agar apke blog post ka wrong link se brouser me open karta hai to bhi vah apke blog par redirect ho friend ab aaiye janate hai is error ko kaise set kare.

404 Page not Found Error Kaise Set Kare?

is error ko thic karne ka mai yhan apko do tarike batane wala hun.

1-Meta Tag Refress

apne blog ke Dashboard >> Temlate >> theme edit  Par jaye.
2- ab aap <head> tag ko search kijiye.usake baad niche diye gaye code ko <head> Tag Ke niche paste kar dijiye.
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "error_page"'> Oops! Page does not exist. We are redirecting you to home page. <meta content='5;URL=' http-equiv='refresh'/> </b:if>

2-Using Javascript

ye setting aapke blog me diya gaya hai.isake liye aap blogger dashboard >> settings >> search prefrence par jaye.

blogger search prefrence setting

Ab aap Custom page not found ke samane edit par click kare usake baad.yhan niche diye gaye code ko paste karke save kar dijiye.
Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. You will be redirected to homepage shortly. <script type = "text/javascript"> //Blogger 404 Redirect v1.0 ( BSPNF_redirect = setTimeout(function() { location.pathname= "" }, 5000); </script>


apne blog ka address code me dalna na bhule.jhan mere website ka address dala gaya hai.usake baad is code ka use kare.
to friends yhan maine do tarike bataye hai aapko isame se jo achha lage us tarike se page error setting ok kar le.

jab aap setting kar lete hai to kisi post ke link ko copy kar usame kuch alphabet ko cut kar brouser me search karke dekh sakate hai tabhi bhi aap apne blog par pahunch jayenge.
is tarah apke blog ke traffic me bhi koi problem nahi dosto apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye aur koi problem ho rahi hai to vo bhi puche.

Blog Comment Me Link Kaise Add Kare ?

Comment Me Link Kaise Add Kare ?

Aaj ka post bahut hi important hai agar aap blogging kartevhai to aap janate hi honge blogging me comment box kitana important hota hai.blogging me comment ek bahut hi important factor hai jisake dvara hm apni bato ko visitor tak aur visitor apni bato ko hmare sath share karte hai.jab kisi visitor ko post achha lagta hai to vo hme apni feelings ko comment me share karta hai.aur agar usako post me ya koi problem hoti hai to vo hme comment karta hai taki hm bloggers usake problem ka solution de pate hai.comment dvara bloggers aur unake visitors ke bich ek achha relation bn jata hai.

blog comment me link kaise add kare

to jab bhi koi new blogger blog bnata hai to sabse pahle usaka Design karta hai aur usame comment Box jarur add karta hai isase blog ka look bhi achha lagta hai.aur visiters ka help bhi hota hai.kabhi kabhi hme aur bloggers ka help karte karte unako dusare post ka link dena padta hai jisase vo hmare blog post ko padh ke apna problem ka solution find kar isiliye aaj ka topic hai blog comment text me post link kaise add kare.
topic par aane se pahale mai apko kuch aur bhi bata dena chahta hun.

Dusare Blog Par Comment Me Apne Blog Post Ka Link Na Add Kare

mai yhan apko batane hi wala hun ki comment box me link kaise add karte hai but ye jankar aap isaka koi wrong kam na kariyega.jaise kai new blogger dusare ke blog par apni blog ka post link share kar dete hai.aap ye galati na karoyega nahi to blog owner apke comment ko publish nahi karega.Bina jarurat ke aap esa nahi kar sakate hai yesa karenge to aap blog ke comment policy ko todoge aur is tarah na apko backlink milega aur na apko friends esi galati nahi kariyega.

Comment Text Me Post Link Kaise Add Karte Hai?

comment text me link add karne ka tarika post me link karne ke tarike se bilkul alag hai isake liye apko comment me hi code ko publish karna hota hai.aap post ko read kare apko sb pata chal jayega.
to dosto blog comment text me link add karne ke liye aap niche diye gaye code ko copy kijiye.

[<a href=" Post Link "> Post Title </a>]

ab yahan apko kuch add karna link ki jagah apne us post ka link add kare jise comment me show karna chahate hai.Aur post title me us post ka title add kare.
Aur jab aap esa kar lete hai to ise copy karke comment box me paste karke comment publish kar de aur aap dekhenge ki comment text me post link add ho gai hai.aap link ko open karke check kar sakate hai.

to friends aap is tarah apni visitors ka help kar sakate hai.apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me apne feelings ko hmare sath share kare aur post ko apne friends fb,whatsapp par share kare.

Maine Blogging Karke Kya Sikha ?

Kya Shikha Blogging Karke?

aaj mere website par 100 post complete ho gaye hai.Aaj mai bahut khus hun kyoki mere blog par 100 post ho chuke hai.blogging karna mera passion hai.mai logo ki help karna chahta hun.aur isiliye maine blogging start ki thi taki ham jyada se jyada logo ki help kar sake aur aaj hm kar rahe hai apne blog ki post ke dvara.

Maine Blogging Karke kya sikha yahi is post me btane wala hun.maximum bloggers blogging me safal nahi ho pate hai jab unako earnning nahi hoti hai to blogging chhod dete hai. Aap sochiye bina mehanat kiye apko safalata mil jayegi kya aap soch rahe hai ki aaj blog bnaya aur kal se earnuing start ho jaye to esa bilkul bhi nahi ho sakata.bina mehnat kiye apko safalata nahi milane wali.
safalata rato rat nahi milati safal hone ke liye utani mehnat karni hoti hai.aap apne field me tabhi success ho sakate hai jab apko apne work se pyar rahega.yahi pyar apko apke success tak apko le jayegi.

maine blogging se kya sikha.

apne work ko apna passion bnaiye aur blogging paise ke liye nahi dusaro ki help ke lijiye kijiye tabhi aap success ho payenge.jab apke blog par traffic hogi tabhi earning hogi aur apke blog par traffic bhi tabhi hogi jab aap apne visitors ke liye kuch naya karoge kuch tips bataoge.kyoki sabhi ko kuch naya janane ka man karta hai.isiliye aap apne blog visitors ke liye naye naye topics par posts likhiye.

aap bhi blogging kar rahe hai mai bhi blogging kar raha hun hmane bahut se problem ko solve kiya hai blogging me.aur bahut kuch sikha hai.

Maine Blogging Se Kya Sikha

mai three month se blogging kar raha hun aur maine bahut kuch sikha blogging se kuch bate apke sath bhi share kar raha hun.

1-Dusaro Ka Bhala

agar aap dusaro ka bhala nahi karenge,nahi sochenge to apka bhi bhala nahi hoga.aaap apne liye nahi visitors ke liye post likhiye.maine blogging se ye sikha ki post chahe kitna bhi chota kyo na ho usame jo bate hai vo top motivate karne wali honi chahiye.jise padhate hi logo ko apka blog aur pasand aa jaye.hmare post ke content hi hmare liye bahut important hota hai.hame apni writing skill ko better karte rahna chahiye.

2-Hmesa Kuch Nya Kare

aap apne blog par always daily post karte honge.but apne kabhi socha hai post bhi only ek hi topic par na kare kuch aur topics par kare.kyoki only ek hi topic ki posts ko padhkar koi bhi bor ho jata hai.aap hmesa kuch nya kare kuch naya topic par post kare.

3-Aage Badhane Ki Echchcha,Kuch Naya Sikhane Ki Echchcha

hamesa aage badhne ke bare me soche ye kabhi na soche ki mai to safal ho gaya hun ab muje kya karna hai nahi ye soch apko bahut jald hi niche gira degi.hmesa aage badhate rahne ke bare me me ye sochiye ki hmesa kuch naya soche taki apka knowledge aur badhe.taki aap apne visitors ke liye kuch better kar sake.

4- Kabhi Har Na Mane

apko bhi pata hoga blogging me kitani presaniya aayi hogi apko.muje bhi aayi hai aur maine un problems ko dur kiya kabhi bhi har nahi mana.thoda mayus hua but mai janta hun mayus hone se kuch achchcha bhi nahi hoga isase better hai us problem ko hmesa ke liye khatam kar diya jaye.presaniya to hmesa aati rahegi.bina problem ke ye life kaisa isame maja hi nahi aayega.
ek bar jis kam ko than lijiye ki muje ye karna hai to bus karna hai chahe muje isake liye kitani bhi takleef kyo na ho.mai in problem ko sahne ke liye taiyar hun.
mai abhi blogging me success nahi hua hun.but mai mehnat kar rahan hun ki mai bhi ek best blogger ban jayun.aur jyada se jyada logo ki help kar saku.
to dosto aaj ke post me itana hi.apko meri ye post achchchi lagi hoto apne friends ke sath jarur share kare.aur apne bare me comment me bataye ki apne kya kya sikha blogging karne se.

Website Par Google Penalty Laga Hai Kaise Pata Kare

Kaise Pta Kare Google Penalty Laga Hai Website Par?

aaj mai apke sath ye bat share karne wala hm bloggers kaise pata kar sakate hai ki hmare website par google ki penalty lagi hai.Sabhi blogger sochate hai kaise pata kare kihmare website par koi penalty laga hai kya.aap google penalty ke bare me janate he kab lagata hai.agar nahi janate hai to ye post google penalty kya hai. Ko padhiye.
google kisi bhi website par penalty tabhi lagata hai jab usako lagata hai ki is website dvara usaki policy ko follow nahi kiya ja raha hai.
Website Par Google Penalty Laga Hai Kaise Pata Kare

Google Penalty Two Types Ki Hoti Hai

1-Google Algorithm
2-Manual Actions

kuch bloggers ka kahna hai ki google penalty jab lag jati hai to bada muskil hota hai isase apne website ko bahar nikalna.But namumkin to nahi hota hai.

1-Google Algorithm

apke website par algorithm ki penalty lagi hai iska pata karna bada muskil hota hai but phir bhi ek tarika hai agar apke website ki traffic achanak hi kam ho jati hai.aur ese he rahata hai to samajh lijiye apke website par google algorithm ki penalty lagi hai.lijiye

2-Manual Action

agar apke website ya blog par manual action ki problem hoti hai to google notification deta notification google webmaster ke dashboard me jaakar dekh sakate hai.isako pata karne ke liye ki manual action wali penalty lagi hai to.
A-sabse pahle apne google webmaster ke dashboad me jao.usake baad search traffic ke otion par click karo.usake baad manual action ki option par click karo.agar apke samane niche diye gaye images ke anusar likha hua milata hai to samajh lijiye apke site par koi manual action nahi lagi hai.

Website Par Google Penalty Laga Hai Kaise Pata Kare
agar apke website par manual action lagi hogi to esa massage nahi hoga koi aur massage hoga.

friends agar apke website par google penalty laga deta hai to isase bahar nikalne ke liye apne un problem ko fix karo jisaki wajah se esa hua hai agar aap esa kar lete hai to apki site se google penalty hat jayegi.
to friends apko meri ye post kaisi lagi comment me jarur bataye aur is post ko share bhi kare.apne friends ke sath.